Future Might Have Decided To Close CVG For Good

CVG hasn’t really been the same since Future made swinging cuts to its portfolio of websites and magazines earlier this year. Back in May, it came out that Future were considering closing a number of their websites, in particular those that run alongside magazines, such as Edge and Official PlayStation.

At that point, CVG was saved but faced a number of redundancies, but it looks like its time has now come. MCV are reporting that CVG and all of its staff have been placed back into a consultation period, but that Future have now decided to finally close the site.


The site really hasn’t been the same since those redundancies though, which is a crying shame since it was for a long time one of the better gaming sites in the UK and is still bound to be one of the largest pulls of internet traffic. Our thoughts are naturally with the staff that might face a quite soul destroying end to their year.

Source: MCV



  1. Please don’t be true. The worst time of year for all the employees there. Such a sad shame. I hope all employees get work quickly.

  2. Its a good site and quite popular so why have they decided to close it?, its one of my favourites alongside tsa, gamecentral and eurogamer

  3. One of the few sites I visit daily, thoughts with anyone getting this news at this time of year. The corporate world chews you up and spits you out.

  4. CVG the home of bad journalism. Good riddance. Might send a message to all the other sites heading down the cash for coverage route..

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