CVG Is To Close, Some Content Moving To GamesRadar+, or CVG as it is known, is to close for good 33 years after the first print edition of the magazine (which covered arcade games and how to program) landed on the shelves of UK newsagents.

News and reviews will be folded in to the hideous amalgamated beast (writer’s opinion, others are available) that is GamesRadar+, which has recently swallowed up the Total Film and SFX websites. The site will also host an Edge channel, so it looks like their website will be shutting down, and Official PlayStation and Total Xbox will also be merged in.


I did try and find some SFX content on GamesRadar+ when it was merged but it was almost impossible to locate it between the “Top ten games with fish in them” or similar posts. CVG recently lost a number of staff, including the website’s editor who was fired last week, just in time for the holidays.

Declan Gough, Head of Content & Marketing, Future Games, Music, Film, Stray Cats, Cheese, Discontinued Soap Operas And Ruining People’s Christmas said “The new GamesRadar+ has seen huge audience growth and has exceeded all our engagement expectations.”

Source: MCV


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  1. Is such a shame for CVG. Some great memories reading their publications. It hasn’t been the same since it started the cutbacks. RIP CVG.

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