Watch Us Play The Order: 1886 At E3

At E3, we played a lot of games. You’ve probably had enough of reading about them, and want to see some footage of us playing them instead. So, thankfully, we took some time to put together a video of Peter playing The Order 1886 on PS4.

I know you’re all anticipating The Order 1886 very much, as it seamlessly blends cinematic moments in with gameplay, in similar ways to the Uncharted series. It’s also set in a mysterious, steampunk world, with intriguing weapons and bleak surroundings.

So, here we have it, and you’ll hopefully see exactly how it plays. Enjoy the video!


You can read our proper, written review here.



  1. Top trolling! :-)

  2. I especially enjoy the part where you show us LittleBigPlanet 3.

  3. Bloody hell, that looks amazing.

  4. Ha, I see what you did there. You upset some poor lamb on YouTube :)

  5. I don’t like the main character, he’s a bit gormless and tubby, will they fix that before release?

    • Are you referring to Peter? lol

    • ahhh, after actually watching the video… now I see you were.

      • Thanks for ruining the joke, Dave. *facedesk*

      • In my defence, I didn’t realise it was the joke ’til I bothered to watch it so leave me alone ya big bully! ;)

    • How dare you say such things about our beloved Peter! *shields him from the nasty man*

  6. I love that, but I love the comments on you tube even more. You must be gutted at losing subscribers like that.

    • We thankfully knew that our real community – the TSA commenters – would be completely different from the YouTube audience. You guys get it ;)

      • Some people don’t possess a sense of humour :D I enjoyed it as it says above especially the LBP3 bonus footage.

  7. what a load of rubbish.
    PS2 era graphics if ever i saw em.

    and bloody awful animation as well. O_O

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