InFamous: First Light DLC Release Date Possibly Illuminated By PS Store

It appears the release date for the InFamous: Second Son DLC, titled First Light, has been put up on the PlayStation Store. The screenshot (below) was sent to IGN by one of their readers and pegs the release as August 26th, which is a Tuesday so it lines up with the North American store update. If the date is correct then Europe would likely get it the day after on August 27th, in line with the store update here.



The First Light DLC was announced during Sony’s E3 conference, and it will focus on Fetch. She has the neon powers, and is one of the characters Delsin interacts with. However, this is set before the events of Second Son and will focus on Fetch’s stay in the notorious prison of Curdon Cay. We’re likely to hear something from Sony regarding this date soon, and we’ll update once this has been confirmed or denied.

Source: IGN



  1. Hmm, seems a bit pricey considering its likely to not be anything more than a few hours distraction.

    Still, will wait & see what occurs a bit closer to the time.

    • If it’s any help (or consolation), Festival of Blood* was one of the best DLCs to hit the PS3 and that was just a snifter under fifteen dollars, I believe.

      *DLC for the original inFamous? Think so.

      • Arr – That was standalone too.

        Must have been a bit less than 15 dolla to begin with though, as I picked it up for £4 in a sale.

        At the end of the day, as long as the content justifies the price, I may have a dabble.

      • Festival of Blood was bloody awesome, and a standalone game based on the second game. As in inFAMOUS 2, not Second Son……….

        Aaaanywhoo…. I would love a Second Festival of Son, I mean Blood, but this could be alright. Only thing is, it’s not a new power.

      • Festival of blood. The best dlc there has ever been. I loved it. So effing good :-)

  2. Hopefully the DLC story reveals that Augustine is a lying b**ch.

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