July’s PlayStation Plus Confirmed – Strider, Towerfall, And Dead Space 3

July’s PlayStation Plus content has been confirmed, and although the two PS4 games are the same as the update for Asia, which we reported on last week, the update differs elsewhere, with different PS3 and Vita offerings.


Strider is the first PS4 game, which should bring some fun sidescrolling action to the system, and then you’ve got the 2D multiplayer-focused four player game Towerfall Ascension. That’s two quality games, although they’re still not quite the AAA titles that people are asking for. Still, it’s free, right?

On the PS3 side of things, you can expect Dead Space 3, the latest title in EA’s horror action game. It’s got a co-op focus (online only, though) so you can team up with another PS+ subscriber for that! Then there’s Vessel, which is an interesting puzzle game featuring fluid-based gameplay.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is part of the update for Vita, alongside the very unique and quirky Doki Doki Universe. That’s cross-play, though, so is available for all platforms. To summarise:

Leaving PS Plus:

2nd July: Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate
2nd July: Trine 2: The Complete Story
2nd July: NBA 2K14
2nd July: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
2nd July: Puppeteer
2nd July: Lone Survivor
2nd July: Dragon’s Crown
2nd July: Surge Deluxe

Entering PS Plus:

2nd July: TowerFall Ascension
2nd July: Strider
2nd July: Dead Space 3
2nd July: Vessel
2nd July: LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes
2nd July: Doki Doki Universe

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  1. Strider, Lego Batman and Doki Doki for me

  2. Anyone that hasn’t downloaded Sly TiT yet really should add it to their download list for safekeeping in readiness for a future lull in proceedings. Top game!

  3. Yet another bittersweet set of entries for Plus. I love it, but it repeatedly punishes me for buying download-only games on release.

    A good problem to have, nonetheless.

  4. Rip off barstewards! Putting Strider on the IGC a month after it was sale. Yes, muggins here bought it. And the other game is a local multilayer only game. Worse PS+ update ever for PS4. I guess Fez will be in August’s update, seen as that was on sale last week.

    • Lots of games are on sale every week. There’s a good chance that any game on PS+ will have been on sale, I’m sure Dead Space 3 has been.

      • I can’t tell you the amount of times I almost dead space 3 on psn sales. Always held off having bought from steam for like £2 and not played. Can’t wait to play on my first choice now!

      • Yes, there are many games on PS+ which have been on sale previously. Some I have already bought, but never just over a month before and I’ve always thought “Well, I’ve had my fair amount of time with it”- not this time.

    • Agree about towerfall, utter joke. If you only have 1 controller as many have it’s as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

  5. Ah, crap. The rumoured PS4 offerings were true then. More pixelly crap, but pixelly crap that thinks forgetting an online option is a good idea.

    Strider could well amuse me though.

    Dead Space 3? I’ll have a go at that.

    Vessel? Looks interesting enough, I guess.

    That Lego game looks like a somewhat inferior game to the PS3 version though. Which is a shame.

    And Doki Doki Universe is just weird. Don’t expect any sort of challenge and just enjoy it for what it is. A cute little bunch of weirdness, which is quite often quite funny.

    Not a bad month then, really. Not the best, but still not bad.

    • The Lego game has no free roam, and I think limited camera control. So yes, inferior, considering the PS3 version looks rather impressive with it’s open world.

      I do feel for the PS4 users a bit, what with all the pixelated sub-par games being dished out. This said, Plus sub is required for MP on PS4 so for many I suppose there’s no loss.

    • Towerfall is by all accounts the best local multiplayer game around at the moment, can’t wait for it myself!

      There’s a very good explanation as to why it doesn’t have online multiplayer by the way: http://www.polygon.com/2014/3/11/5491146/why-you-dont-want-an-online-mode-towerfall

      • No issue with the game itself, issue with it being part of plus as a lot of us don’t have groups of people to play it or multiple £50 controllers kicking around.

  6. Dead Space 3 is very good, although I’ve played it on the PC so whether I’ll bother to get it is another thing. Vessel is a low size addition that I’ll try out, and Lego Batman is a welcome enough addition (glad I never opted to buy it). Overall though, I wasn’t expecting much, and this a bit lacklustre.

  7. Four friends playing couch death match on Towerfall is amazing. I highly recommend giving it a go when you have some friends round. Easy to spend a few hours on it. Hoping to try the co-op out as well.

  8. So does this mean we get Doki Doki is for PS4 too! Not sure what you expect Sony to put out there with there being so many limited games available at the moment. Stop buying them when they come out and you wont be disappointed when they come to PS+.

    • Yes, the weirdness of Doki Doki Universe is cross-buy with the PS3/4/Vita versions all included. So all 3 versions with PS+.

      It’s even got 2 sets of trophies, a PS3/Vita one and a PS4 one. And a cross-save thing, but there might be issues with trophies in that case. (I think they’re not retroactive, so you might miss the chance to get them on one trophy list if you use the save from the other platform where the trophy has already happened)

  9. Pretty good month for me, Strider – demo was okay but i wouldn’t have bought the game, Dead Space 3- traded it in quite early so now i can give it another chance, Vessel should at least pass away a few minutes and i’ll probably add Lego-Bat to my Vita queue… although the ratio between games queued and time available for playing my Vita is getting seriously skewed..

  10. I dont get all the moaning about this, strider and towerfall are from what I hear pretty good games. Towerfall is supposedly one of the best local MP games ever, should be good with and a few beers

    • This. Fantastic update from Sony, brilliant stuff :)

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