FIFA 15 Footage Shows Weathered Pitches & Rattling Crossbars

EA Sports has released a short game footage trailer for FIFA 15 focused on the games visuals. Much of the trailer is focused on the player builds themselves, with improved tools allowing for even more realistic player models. These player models will also have realistic breathing so you may be able to tell if a team member is getting a bit too tired, and their hair will also move instead of staying in place.


The pitch itself will look like it has been played on as matches progress with boot prints, slide tackle skids, and general wear contribute to the cosmetic visual. As well as the pitch looking worn the kits will also get dirty from grass and mud stains, and the shirts themselves will move as they would in reality .If a players shot hits the crossbar it will rattle and shake the goal, while powerful strikes will move the posts too. The stadium advertising boars will be like the real LED panels, which will change regularly through the game.

The footage in this trailer has come early builds of the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Source: Youtube



  1. It would be cool if you hit a hard shot at an ad board then it would either go out or glitchy for a few seconds until it reset.

    • You do realise you’re supposed to shoot at the goals & not the ad boards don’t you? If you struggle to win matches, this could be the reason. ;)

      • Well I never…. :O

        I would attempt a witty response about getting 100% trophies on FIFA14, but that’s not really a huge achievement.

      • It is if you’re as crap at it as I am!
        Wonder whether they could actually sell space on the digital ad boards in the game?

      • It’s really not that hard, 10% of players have achieved it.

        As for the ad boards, I’m surprised EA haven’t already done that. I can’t believe they would have said, ‘right, we make enough money here so we aren’t going to bother’ maybe licensing issues.

  2. This might be when I buy a football game. It looks fucking ace!

  3. I must be the only person who thinks this doesn’t look any different than fifa14..

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