The Order: 1886 Has Just One Ending

Ready at Dawn have made it very clear that they’re going for a tight, cinematic experience in their newest project, The Order: 1886, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that it will only have one ending. During a recent chat with GamingBolt, developer Marc Turndorf stated that while there are different ways to go about certain things within the game, it doesn’t change how the game ends:

It’s a story driven linear experience. There are some branches here and there and different ways to do things, but we’re trying to tell one story with one compelling ending.

We think it’s gonna blow players away with the seamless integration of filmic and gameplay in one awesome package.

While it might seem easy to look at this as a negative, look no farther than Naughty Dog and the strong work they did on Uncharted for an example of how a single ending fits well with a tight narrative.


If you’d like to read more about The Order: 1886 before it launches next February, check out our recent preview.

Source: GamingBolt



  1. Good.

    If you’re going to tell a story, you have to tell it right. There’s no point in doing otherwise.

    I’ve never enjoyed replaying a game just to see a different ending. I replay games for a variety of reasons, but going over, deliberately choosing options that obviously didn’t feel the most natural way for me the first time round? I honestly prefer the chore of collectibles.

    Just craft a great game full of terrific moments and I’ll replay the game again and again ala Resident Evil 4, Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us. But I’ll never replay a game just to see a different cut scene at the end (looking at you, Heavy Rain and Beyond).

    • Well said, couldn’t agree more.

    • Agreed. Just to add to this, I’ve never, ever known such an industry to look for negatives where there are none. I find it very depressing that we can’t accept things and be happy with them. Sure, if the ending is naff, address that, but to even suggest that a single ending is anything other than adequate (before the game has even been released) is staggeringly useless.

  2. Not worried at all about that. It’s better having one good ending than various ‘meh’ ones. And there is currently going far too much valuable resources into producing overly much content of games anyway, which 90% of gamers never see. That’s resources which could be spent much better, and the games industry needs to focus more on the right stuff which really adds value for a lot of gamers.

  3. Best route for any campaign. Glad so I am :-)

  4. Probably for the best. Always a shame when you talk to someone about a great game and they say they had the bad ending where everyone died.

    • As someone who played Mass Effect 2, I personally really enjoyed the ending where loads of my teammates died :P Felt far more dramatic :)

      • I suppose that is true, never thought about it like that.

  5. This is great news in my opinion as I’ll only be not good enough at it to miss one ending rather than several, thus making it better value for money.

  6. Glad to hear. Will only be renting this one so its nice to know I only need to play through it once.

  7. That’s a good thing :)

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