Hunt Some Titan Souls In This “Brutal” & Difficult Game For Vita & PS4

Acidnerve and Devolver Digital have announced Titan Souls is coming to PS4 and Vita, as well as PC, in 2015. The game itself is an indie title and seems to take inspiration from Dark Souls at least for the difficulty factor. Players will only have one arrow with with to defeat monsters, and will have to retrieve it if they want to attack again. These monsters will be the Titans, incredibly powerful beasts that can kill players with one hit. When fighting them you’ll have to work out the weaknesses destroy the threat.

Once that weakness is found Titans can be killed in one hit too, making the battles a bit more fairer. The game was first made at a Ludum Dare game jam in December, and since then has been built upon to improve the graphics, increasing the amount of bosses to fight, and making the game world larger. There were also some screenshots released showing a mix of the world, and a couple of the titans that will be fought.

Source: PS Blog



  1. As hard as Dark souls you say? I’m out then. I do prefer easy and fun over tough and annoying. I play for fun even though it does seem like a decent idea.

  2. So, it’s extremely difficult and and looks like an average game from 1988. I’m all for indie titles, but the current dearth of ‘retro’ titles is far worse than the hackneyed zombie genre.

    I like the bit in your article where you state that the developer has improved the graphics, made me chuckle.

  3. Fair play back in the early 90’s this would have been considered top drawer and cost fifty squids for a 3.5 inch diskette and fancily packaged box art.
    Now in 2014 we have consoles capable of photorealistic tomfoolery yet games like this are being released for them…..someone’s been handing out the naughty mushrooms!
    Great old school nostalgia but current gen? seriously?

    • Have you played through Shadowfall’s campaign? Its God damn awful. Tedious.

      • Not had the displeasure, I just assumed there must have been a market for said marmite offerings, like those games that successfully beggar belief ;)

  4. I’m really pretty tired of this “indie revival” nonsense, on the PS4 especially. I didn’t spend this kinda money on a new system just to be told that flash games are what’s in. I have Steam on the laptop if I wanna play some silly nonsense.

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