Blizzard Unsure If They Will Patch Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition After It Ships

A post on the official Blizzard forums has asked if the developers will be supporting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Ultimate Evil Editions of Diablo III after they have launched. Presumable they were enquiring if the game would get regular updates in line with the PC version but the answer from Blizzard revealed something slightly more disturbing.

We’re still working out all the details regarding if and how Ultimate Evil Edition will be supported post-launch (e.g. will we patch the game after it ships? if yes, should we only patch to fix bugs and address critical game issues, or should we patch in new content as well? at what frequency should we patch?), so we don’t have an answer for you right now.

Fixing post launch bugs should be obligatory so it is worrying that Blizzard has no firm plans for this. The constant content updates found on the PC version are probably less important to console gamers, we are used to buying a game, perhaps having one of two DLC items and then the title is done.

Blizzard have also said that the Ultimate Evil Edition “will ship on all platforms with all updates included up to patch 2.0.5, and that there will likely be a ‘Day 1’ patch to add in patch 2.0.6 content, too.”

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition lands on consoles this August.

Source: Blizzard Forums



  1. The issue therefore is big…patch 2.10 has all the goodies in it like Greater Rifts and Leaderboards…so none of these looks like making it to consoles if they are patching it only to 2.06 and don’t plan to patch it any of their new content…

    …strange decision…I have the Platinum for the PS3 version and would buy it for the PS4 IF they included all the good stuff from patch 2.10 but there will be no point if they keep it at 2.06 on the PS4…I would be best just buying the DLC for the PS3 version…

  2. Been waiting for the ps4 version for what seems like forever and now maybe no patches or game updates. I’ll pass till they say what they are doing

    • This.

      I’ve also waited ages to play this game, assuming it would always come to ps4, and now they’re potentially not prepared to support it after launch?

      I think I’ll keep my money until they see sense.

  3. That’s weird, you’d think they would have thought about something as important as that by now. Sounds like they don’t want to answer the question until they see how well the game sells. If it does extremely well, no doubt they will consider lots of dlc and patches as it means easy money.

  4. So they’re genuinely saying, prior to launch, that they don’t know if they’ll support their big title… Wow. (no warcraft)

    I don’t think it needs an update as frequently as on PC, but they should bundle together patches and give them to console players every now and then. Especially since the console versions are seen as the better ones.

  5. You’re trying to make lots of money from a game launch and you come out and tell us that you’re not even sure if you’ll support it properly? That, my money-grabbing developer/publisher, is a sure fire way to knock my interest on the head.


    • Exactly what i thought of the announcement Mike.To me it just screams of how aloof Activision/Blizzard have become whilst taking massive amounts of cash from us plebs.

      • They very thing a customer wants to feel is looked after when they spend money on a product or service. Commerce 101 for god’s sake!

        Hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways. If not, the customer-base will be more than happy to point out where things have gone wrong.

  6. D3 UEE was a guaranteed day-one purchase for me until I came across this issue… Now I’m just going to wait and see what happens, if they decide to release future patches for console, then it’s a YES, otherwise HELL NO!!

    Think carefully Blizzard, make no mistake.

  7. I think they will fix bugs but extra content will probably be missed.

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