PS4 Version Of Beyond: Two Souls Appears On Two Different German Retail Sites

Three months ago rumours started flying that Beyond: Two Souls would be making the generational leap to the PS4, with Tuffcub doing some of his own investigating to sort out what was happening. There were cryptic clues here and there by Quantic Dream and Sony, but nothing concrete has been announced either way. Now two german retailers, World of Games and Alcom, both list a release for this year with the latter putting a placeholder of September.



There’s no confirmation yet from Sony or Quantic Dream on whether these listings are accurate, or the result of some people putting things into a database that shouldn’t be there. If these are correct, and the very close release date of September is true we’ll surely hear something soon.

Source: World Of Games/Alcom



  1. gamescom announcement I reckon.

    defo day 1 buyer.

  2. Makes sense. I just bought it for £10, think I’m over halfway, very entertaining so far. Good choice of game to bring to PS4 while the new next gen stuff is still being made.

  3. All over this :-)

  4. For some reason I didn’t pick this up at launch. Completely flew by me.

    Hopefully this is true. Beyond seems like the kind of game that would be well suited for an upgrade.

  5. Makes sense, with those impressive visuals it’s a good candidate for a PS4 remake. I won’t be buying it though, at least not for a long long time. It’s just that it’s another one of those games which shone on PS3 and since i’m keeping my PS3(s) i’m happy to leave it like that.

  6. Should look beautiful on PS4, but I didn’t like what I “played” of it.

  7. strange choice of remake.
    looks really nice on ps3 cant see that the jump from 3 to 4 will make a huge difference seeing as the game is mainly an interactive cgi movie?

  8. I decided against buying this based on the fact the PS4 was only weeks away and under the assumption that they would probably bring out a PS4 version to cash in on the people they missed first time round.

  9. Certainly a unique game, but a preferred heavy rain

  10. What’s with the ratings stickers? One says it’s PEGI 16 and the other PEGI 18

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