The Second Far Cry 4 Trailer Features Death By Elephant

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Far Cry 4 and it features a cliff side car chase that Indiana Jones would be proud of, along with a number of gruesome enemy kills.

These include a knife to the neck, an explosive barrel to the chest, a shotgun to the face and an entire elephant on the ribcage which, as you can imagine, has very messy results.

Source: YouTube



  1. Yet another game with Troy Baker, seriously? Couldn’t they get someone with a real Asian accent?

    Gameplay looks entertaining, so this should still be good fun. I am mildly cautious since it’s directed by the guy who did AC3 though…

  2. Troy Baker is the new Nolan North.

  3. Good trailer that, I’ve no doubt whatsoever it’ll be fantastic!

  4. Oh boy, think this one’s shaping up to be a top, top game. The elephant riding looks pretty ridiculous but I can only assume it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  5. Really enjoyed Farcry 3 and really liking the look of this.

  6. Love the setting log the squirrel suits, so sold. Unless its shit.

  7. Looks class, loved the third and this is shaping up to be fantastic too.

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