DriveClub’s Weather Shown For The First Time [Video]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the weather effects that would be making their way into the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer shortly after its release later this year. The short version is that the dynamic weather effects look amazing and the team at Evolution Studios has put in the same almost obsessive degree of attention to detail that they put into the other aspects of DriveClub.

Well, today, they’ve posted on the PlayStation Blog to show off a couple of videos of the effects in action. Why they chose to use Instagram’s poor quality encoding to demonstrate an effect that was literally breathtaking in HD on a big screen back in Los Angeles is anyone’s guess but we certainly hope to see some full HD downloadable videos without compression as soon as we can.




  1. Looks great, even on the totally crap Instagram vids

    Just hope the weather update makes it out this year.

  2. Facebook vids are slightly better quality – testament to the game that the quality of the graphics still shine through.

    • Shit, that looks good! Wow.

    • In the second video, if you pay particular attention to the rearview mirror there seems to be no weather effects!

  3. Well this game certainly does seem to be looking better and better. The Dev team seem really pushed for time though if this is going to be post-release stuff, along with all of the delays.

  4. Why aren’t these videos on YouTube? They look like they’ve been filmed using a Nokia 7650.

    • Because they shot them on a Nokia 7650?

  5. Shame these are coming in an update, but at least they’re sticking to this final release date. I for one cannot wait.

    • Only 94 days to wait, it’ll fly by.

  6. Game does look a bit better, certainly quite pretty. Looking forward to trying out the PS+ demo.

  7. Looks fantastic, will be my driving game of choice – especially as Codies have abandoned us PS4’ers :(

  8. I am officially excited again…..

  9. This all or nothing approach to detail and quality should serve up a great game, although on the flipside it’s probably the reason why it’s a year late, and still not fully finished.

  10. I reckon just this & Resogun will make my PS+ subscription worth while.

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