Turtle Rock Discusses Robust DLC Possibilities For Evolve

It seems like developers rarely launch a game these days – particularly a game focused on multiplayer – without first discussing some sort of DLC. Turtle Rock is no different in that regard but instead of just revealing preorder bonuses or the number of DLC packs planned, they’ve opted to talk about the possibilities of future DLC.

In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine, co-founder Chris Ashton noted a major difference in the kind of post-launch content they can produce with Evolve when compared to their previous games.


You know, in Left 4 Dead we could make new environments, but we really didn’t have a structure there to make new characters or zombie types, so we were pretty limited on what we could do, DLC-wise. But with Evolve… we made these modular pieces – the way the whole game fits together means we can make new maps, new environment types, new wildlife, new monsters and hunters, and all of that stuff just plugs into the game.

We’re definitely looking to see how the community reacts… It’s designed to have a long life – hopefully that works and we get to try a bunch of crazy things with the community after release. As long as people are into it and the DLC does reasonably well, then we’d like to keep making more. At the end of the day, it’s a business and it has to make sense, but we believe that we’ve built a game that does support that really well – more so than any game ever before.

As always, content released after a game’s initial launch is a touchy subject, but if Evolve turns out to be as good as it looks, it’s hard to believe the community won’t welcome an extended shelf life.

Source: OXM



  1. This could be pretty cool, but it all depends on pricing. I’m expecting a season pass with yet to be revealed contents.

  2. I’m always happy to have the right type and amount of DLC after launch. BF4 (don’t all ‘boo’ and ‘hiss’) has really extended the life of the multiplayer with the amount of maps, modes, challenges, weapons and vehicles. Something along similar lines could do quite well for Evolve.

    • No need for booing & hissing there I don’t think – BF4 has quite infamously been ‘not great’ from launch, but they have done a lot to rectify issues & their ongoing support with map packs & so forth is generally pretty good.

      So for what it’s worth, I would tend to agree! :)

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