Survive Amid The Ruins As The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Four Dated

Telltale has confirmed the release dates for The Walking Dead Season Two’s fourth episode, Amid The Ruins, and by this time next week it will have released across most formats in different regions. A breakdown of the when to expect the latest instalment of Clementine & co’s story was tweeted by the developer earlier today.


The trailer is rather sombre and seems to show the group fracturing further after the events of ‘In Harm’s Way’, which ended in a rather big way. Personally I can’t wait to see where this story takes us next, and the tough decisions that will have to be made to ensure the survival of the group.

Source: Twitter/Youtube



  1. I think I prefer season 2 but it’s still suffering from too larger gaps between episodes, which is really ruining the experience.

  2. Yeah even just a week or two quicker would be great. Loving it though!

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