Far Cry 4 Director Sheds New Light On Free Multiplayer Invite System

Ubisoft really raised eyebrows during E3 when they announced that Far Cry 4 would come with some sort of multiplayer system that would allow owners of the game to invite their friends to play with them online for free. They didn’t really clarify how it would work at the time, aside from stating that invited friends would not be able to play campaign missions.

Thanks to a recent panel at Comic-con, and Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson, we now have at least one extra detail. Each owner of the full game will receive ten invite codes to give to their friends. With that code, they can download just enough of Far Cry 4 to allow them to play with their very generous friend. Alex didn’t specify if there’s a time limit on the code, but did note that the inviting player must be online for an invitee to play.


When asked about where the inspiration for this idea came from, Alex had this to say.

The inspiration came from the Super Nintendo days, and the way you tried out games then was to go to a buddy’s house and sit on his couch and play. How long you got to play depended on how long his mom let you sit there and keep playing, and when she said go home, that was it.

So now, when you (the buyer) have decided you’ve had enough, (your friends) either have to buy it or log off.

Seems fair enough. It’ll be interesting to see how this feature pans out and how many people choose to use it. It’ll also be interesting to see how many gaming friendships this ruins, as it appears the game only supports two player co-op. What happens when you’ve invited four different friends and they all want to play with you at once?

Source: Polygon



  1. Didn’t the PSP have something similar?
    I’d quite like it if games had trials or an invite system like this, especially as most games these days don’t have demos and you don’t always want to be dropping 40+ quid on a game you’re not sure you’ll enjoy.

  2. Sounds like a neat idea, and will probably open up the game up to people who wouldn’t have previously bothered about FC4. And I can’t see many people thinking, ‘oh wait I can do a few co op missions if I know somebody else is online, I’ll cancel the pre order’. Hopefully in future games this will be a ubisoft standard and will encompass all platforms.

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