Watch Us Play Destiny Beta: We Visit The Moon

That’s us done streaming from the Destiny beta. Jim joined us to play the new mission, which added about 20-25 minutes of play time before we dove back in straight after to head into the big new Moon open area and explore what it has to offer. We found places we weren’t really supposed to go, lots of enemies, some sweet ramps to do Sparrow jumps of and gigantic pits of green foggy doom.

If you missed the stream, we’ve just embedded the archived video below for your enjoyment. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching us stream from the beta, but feel free to comment below and give us feedback on what you’d like to see from us in future.

As Bungie announced late last night that they would be opening up that mission on the Moon that has been teasing us for the past week and a half, I knew we had to try make use of this opportunity to follow up on our first two streaming sessions and truly complete everything that the Destiny beta has to offer in co-operative play.


So Peter and I will be hopping back into Destiny tonight at around 10PM BST, when the mission to the Moon goes live, to stream another 40-odd minutes of the beta (depending on how long that mission is.

Now, we obviously understand if you plan on playing the game rather than tuning in, given the short window of opportunity on this, but if you’re unable to flick on your games console and get playing, then tune in below or head over to our stream on Twitch and get rowdy in the comments section! We’ll naturally archive the video, in case you want to catch up on our lunar antics some other time.



  1. It’s probably that rabbit icon you get on the moon. Now moon is locked.

  2. Is sunday the last day?

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