Bungie Reveal Tonight’s Destiny Beta Rewards

A major part of the Destiny beta has been to try and stress test Bungie’s servers, hopefully helping them to a smooth launch day without any online hiccups. As a result, they’ve been gradually building their player base, starting with those that pre-ordered on PlayStation and adding Xbox gamers a week later, but then opening the door to all and sundry just a couple of days ago.

However, it’s been building up to a big final event, which Bungie have said all along would feature some permanent rewards for those that take part. You might have been able to guess what it was going to be, but Bungie have taken to their weekly blog to confirm that from 2PM PDT/10PM BST/11PM CEST you will be able to play the next story mission in the game for a period of two hours. We’ll be going to where that Wizard came from: the Moon.


Additionally, they disclosed the permanent reward:

Everyone who makes an appearance will earn a nameplate to help you prove that you were there when the record for concurrent players was set before the launch of the game. It will help you to be a rare and unique snowflake when Destiny launches in September.

A little like this one:


On top of all of this, once you’re done with that extra mission, you’ll be able to get back into the time limited Iron Banner mode, for a slight twist on the multiplayer action from the Crucible.

Source: Bungie



  1. it will not be rare or unique since millions will have it

  2. Will definitely hop on for a bit later tonight but anubis points out, with the amount of people in the beta, it’s not really that unique.

  3. I’ll be on at 10 to try and talk up in the iron banner and to play the moon mission but I couldn’t give a monkeys about that permanent reward. They should have given a selection of different ones to choose from, it’ll be more unique not having one since nearly everyone who ends up buying the game will have taken part in the beta.

  4. I would have taken continued character progression over a shitty banner. Having to re-do the first 5 levels all over again is slightly annoying especially if you are doing all 3 in the beta!

    • Some of us will have to do them for a third time as we were in the Alpha. But it’s a small annoyance considering how much game you got for free.

      • I was also in the Alpha. So im also in that boat ;)

  5. It wasn’t downloaded for me until 2am so i played the first half hour – up as far as the hub (guardian tower?). Not sure if i’ll stick it out for the reward but i’ll play on from there tonight.

  6. This game impresses me more and more.

    The moon! Where wizards come from! Even though it’s mostly grey, it looks lovely. Got distracted for a bit watching some sort of satellite fly overhead.

    Looking forward to the full game. Even if we have to play the same bits again. Which makes perfect sense, assuming there’s more story we’ve not seen so far.

    Does look like it’s struggling with the number of people playing though. The Crucible is broken. It can’t find more than 1 of 12 guardians. Which would make for a rubbish match. I’d be playing with myself and have to shoot myself in the face or something.

  7. That satellite also distracted me, bloody good looking game.

  8. awesome game now waiting for the full game to roll out

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