F1 2014 Coming To PS3, Xbox 360 And PC Only, But Big Changes Are Coming For F1 2015

It will be a note of disappointment for many, myself included, to see today’s reveal of F1 2014 only talk of a release for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but the positive is that there are big and important changes to the way that F1 games are to be developed for 2015 and beyond.

So, if you’re after a game that captures the latest rule changes in the sport, from tubocharged cars to drivers picking their own numbers and the addition of the Russian Grand Prix to the calendar, you will be booting up your last-gen console on October 17th.


Speaking on the Codemasters blog, Stephen Hood said that there are greater efforts made in the game to tailor the difficulty settings to your relative skill, including a new Very Easy difficulty level, at the bottom end. However, it sounds that this release is going to largely be a refinement of what has gone before – albeit with no mention of F1 Classics, though this may be touched upon when they say that Scenario mode has been expanded. The biggest changes are coming next year.

While many expected a game for the new consoles this year, it will instead be F1 2015 that sees a major overhaul of how F1 games are developed and released, as it heads to PS4, XBO and PC – and sounding like it will not release on last-gen machines. Rather than waiting for everything to solidify, the cars to be finalised, relative performance to reveal itself fully and so on, F1 2015 will be released earlier in the season and then see regular digital updates over the course of the season. How early in the year, we do not know, but this shift will do well to bring the series out of the potentially toxic autumn/winter release period.

We’ll hear more about F1 2015 once F1 2014 has released in October.

Source: Codemasters



  1. Sounds like F1 2014 will basically be a paid beta then for F1 2015, with all the rule changes and what not being tested, but with no new features being added to the game. Hopefully though F1 2015 will kickstart the series which I think has become so repetitive I haven’t bothered to pick the new ones up. And it makes sense to shift the game out of the busy Q4 period into one that’s quieter and also closer to the start of the season.

    Also, you mentioned the addition of the Russian Grand Prix but there’s also the Austrian GP, which we saw glimpses of in the video. You’re on poor form today Tef! ;)

    • Ah, but the Red Bull Ring has featured in previous Codies games, while the Sochi Autodrom is brand new and still under construction… That’s what I meant.

      I don’t think there’s going to be too many parallels between F1 2014 and F1 2015 to call it a paid beta. It’ll likely be a testbed for the handling model and things like the audio mix, but the real meat of F1 2015 will be a new and overhauled game engine tied to the game seeing digital updates over the course of the year. Those are the biggest changes in the shift to PS4 and XBO, and both are things that we’ll really not see in 2014.

      • Ah, didn’t realise that, sorry!

        I meant it’s going to be a beta in the sense of implementing the new rules, the new engines will obviously bring a lot more torque so there’s going to be quite a lot that needs done with the handling and physics of the game.

  2. I can handle waiting a year for an overhaul and earlier release.

    It does make you wonder how much different 2014 will be from 2013, probably like Fifa’s legacy editions for less popular/ recent platforms.

    • With the new cars, they’ll have had to go deep into the game to try and sort out a new handling model for the turbocharged engines (though there were a few turbocharged Classics cars in 2013, which could be used as a model), as well as making fresh car models for each team and creating new audio for the car engines and crowds (which you’ll hopefully now be able to hear, thanks to the quieter engine noises).

      Plenty of new asset creation for 2014, then. The real question is whether or not future games will appear on PS3 and 360, and how those are handled.

  3. I find this a little shocking to be honest, really expected new gen versions and I even might have bought it despite not being a massive f1 fan. I wonder what justification there can be for not bringing it to new gen, it can’t cost that much to port it and pretty it up.

    • Very surprised it’s not coming to this gen, but I like the idea of an earlier release and updates throughout the year for F1 2015.

    • I can only assume that development costs are tight and they simply can’t spend the time looking at the new-gen consoles. They’ve taken the less friendly road (with consumers) of saying “it’s old gen and then next year will be new-gen” without any sort of transition. Perhaps things were going to look a bit naff if they tried a dirty port across.

      Fingers crossed it means that anything on the newer consoles will look sensational when it’s time to show them off next year or so.

      • The problem that they faced is that they want to quite dramatically shift the release window for the game, pulling it closer to the start of the F1 season and then providing regular updates to it over the course of the season. It sounds to me like they feel this is something that can only really be done with the new consoles.

        There’s no great way to do this, but looking at the market, the one they’ve picked is about as good as it could be. If they’d released F1 2014 on PS4/XBO in October this year, it would have suffered for launching at a similar time to several other big racing games, but then the secondary backlash would have come when they release F1 2015 not much more than 6 months later. Not only would 2014 sales suffer, but so would 2015, and it would hurt the overall reputation of the series.

        The best parallel I can come up with is when Apple released the iPad 3 in March a few years back, but then the 4 followed on in October. Buyers of the 3 felt annoyed and shortchanged, because of the update cycle Apple had used up until then.

        It’s a shame F1 2014 isn’t on new consoles, but the changes in store for 2015 are rather interesting and I think Codies being quite open about the process helps them in the long run.

      • I would have been miffed with it not being on PS4 if the next in the series was released around the same time next year. It’s not so bad with it coming earlier.
        Like you say there’s quite a few good racers coming out around October, at least 3 day one for me, so I’m not sure if I’ll get F1 2014 when released.

  4. This is a bit of a bum note, however an earlier 2015 release for a proper next-gen version I can handle.

  5. Don’t know if I’m actually surprised by the lack of an XB1 and PS4 version. To be honest the only driving game I’ve bought in years from them has been Grid, which was really enjoyable. Everything else has just been a let down.

    Does make me want to play CMR on the PS1 again though :)

  6. Custom online championships reinstated? If not then it’ll be too samey samey for most people making this years offering attractive to the racing hardcore base only.
    Maybe concentrating all resources into creating a blinding next genner would be the order of the day.
    Saying that, I suffer the hardcore tendencies and usually can’t resist a dabble!

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