First Post-Release Patch For F1 2015 Brings A Long List Of Fixes To PS4

F1 2015, as we wrote in our review, is a relatively solid foundation on which Codemasters can build, but it’s one with a number of flaws and a paucity of features.

Today’s first post-release patch on PS4 targets some of those flaws, adding the ability to view more information about your car on screen – an option that was previously only in the PC version – info about who is yet to ready up for an online race alongside a long list of bugs and issues.


The combined patch notes from what the PS4 notes say and the Codemasters forum are as follows:

  • Addition of the OSD Game Swipe feature which shows in-race information about pit strategy, fuel status, car damage and car maintenance
  • Addition of on-screen information showing who is in the session and who we’re still waiting for
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat does not always work in online lobbies or active gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where completing several races in a row, players will desync from each other
  • Fix for an issue where backing out from a lobby in which you were a Client and Hosting a new Lobby will result in you not having Host Options for your new Lobby
  • Fixed an issue where fuel info resets every time you cross the start/finish line
  • Fixed an issue where if the player makes an illegal overtake, they will not receive penalties for corner cutting
  • Fix for an issue when a Host leaves a custom lobby, the new Host does not get host options
  • Fixed an issue if the player returns to the garage during a Practice or Qualifying session, any penalties or warnings that are gained by the player during that session are wiped
  • Fixed an issue where Multiplayer assists don’t display the currently-active assists
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when backing out of Time Trial replay on tracks where you have a lap time set
  • Fixed an issue when the game crashes after selecting restart on the results screen if the player has set a lap time
  • Fixed an issue where a players total race time is incorrect if they are demoted from 1st place after gaining a 2 second time penalty and finishing within 2 seconds of the cars behind
  • Fix for an issue where changing teams in hopper lobby resets player points to zero
  • Fixed an issue where the Manor Marussia team always use dry tires in wet sessions
  • Fixed an issue where hopper lobby information will not show for players that have joined into the lobby via the friends list
  • Fix for an issue where assists are not saved and will be set back to default settings after leaving an online session
  • Fixed an issue where ghosting is inconsistent between players, resulting in collisions with ghosted vehicles
  • Fixed an issue with a discrepancy between AI qualifying and race times
  • Fixed an issue where no on screen message appears to inform players that DRS has been enabled or disabled in any session
  • Fixed an issue if a player switches between multiple teams in a team menu select they will replace AI in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue for players using the Thrustmaster T500RS – A large amount of force feedback as soon as the player has been given control after a rolling start
  • Fixed an issue where the 2 minute buffer at the end of a qualifying session does not end when all players cross the line and the players must wait for the time to expire before continuing
  • Fix for an issue where the ‘Fastest Lap’ message does not appear on screen for the one who set it in an online race
  • Fixed an issue where spectating cars in an online race shows them juddering back and forth on the track.
  • This update also contains a number of stability and performance fixes.

The main one for those in the TSA community would be the fix for racers getting out of sync, and upon initial inspection, this seems to have been fixed. Certainly, the three races I tested with lobbies of around 5-6 racers didn’t seem to pit me against AI racers pretending to be humans.

Xbox One players are currently without a comparable patch, as Codemaster Community Manager LiteralZero wrote, “For Xbox One players, we are working very hard to get a patch out as quickly as possible and will update with specific patch notes when that patch goes live.”

Meanwhile, on PC, the latest patch, released on Monday, had the following fixes:

  • Fix for an issue where players can display as ‘Spectators’ in an online lobby after joining via invite, and remain as spectators when loading into an online session
  • Fixed an issue where all clients in a 16 player session were kicked from the session simultaneously after idling in the lobby.
  • Fix for an issue where players will desync as vehicles are overtaken in the pit lane on certain tracks.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the f1.exe to crash when exiting the game
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashes to desktop when changing resolution on track
  • Fixed an issue where resizing window during active gameplay causes game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where spectate does not accurately replicate the state of the session if a player joins the session before spectating.
  • Fixed an issue with error code 41 – Game attempts to complete installation again after quitting out

Source: Codemasters, Steam



  1. Impressed with how quickly Codies have managed to get this long list of problems fixed. As Teflon said the AI swapping for real players online is the biggest gripe so will be happy if that is sorted.

    • Fingers crossed it is, but we’ll obviously have to give it a good run out to find out!

      • Should make the next meet a bit more enjoyable if the sync issues are fixed. It’s made me not want to play the single player as well so I might go back to that soon.

      • Aah top stuff, I was a bit bewildered with the online scoring and race finishing position process so just went off on a tangent doing time trials and nothing much else with the goal of rivalling Manor’s times….not a hope in hell of getting close to Lee’s though! :P

  2. I hoped they’ve fixed the game freeze issue, just about every race I’ve done the game freezes for around two seconds then fast forwards to where you would’ve been without freeze.
    I sometime have a problem when leaving the pits, accelerate as normal going through the gears then all of a sudden it will jump to second gear and won’t let you change gears for a good few seconds.

    Apart from that loving the game.

  3. Yay for the onscreen display from the pc version. That desync issue was a right pain for our meet last week and its happening on pc too.

    The only other issues for me are the horrific frame rate drop when looking backwards and the fact the 2014 season continually gets stuck on the start grid. Getting there!

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