Monster Mayhem: Evolve Delayed To February 2015

Evolve is a superb game, bringing the co-operative aspects of games such as Left 4 Dead and merging them with a new form of asymmetrical multiplayer, where a team of four take on a hulking monster, who is controlled by an opposing player.

It’s already a very solid game, and after playing it at E3 I was very confident that it was coming along well. It looks like they’ll need a few more months though, as the game has been delayed from October 2014 until February 10th next year, as announced by TakeTwo in their latest financial report.

Still, it means that when it does come around, it’s going to be an even better game and since it was already shaping up very well, that extra bit of polish should do wonders. They also created a handy table of their upcoming releases, platforms and dates:




  1. Bugger.

    Gets them out of the busy Q4 release window, but now Q1 is shaping up to be one hell of a ride too. Was really, really looking forward to this, and now I have to cut it out of the next Ones to Watch article!

  2. Again this is no bad thing, as with the other delays we’ve heard recently. It’s definitely something I’m keeping an eye on and avoiding the big boys pre-christmas means I’ll be able to pay it more attention if it’s worthy. Also gtav on ps4 yay, I knew I avoided it on ps3 for good reason.

  3. I’m definitely OK with this. If anything, it increases the chances of me buying it early.

  4. Great news Ocotber and November are pretty stacked this year and im not rich enough for all these releases.

  5. That’s got to be a financial decision rather than it needs more time, I played it in Feb this year and all the mechanics were in place and it looked great. Odd timing to the delay as well as they’ve already started advertising it on the London underground, there are massive Evolve posters everywhere.

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