The Original Resident Evil Is Being Remade In HD

The GameCube version of Resident Evil is getting a shiny (slimey?) HD makeover for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


The latest issue of Famitsu has the scoop and seems to indicate the game will be arriving in 2015 in for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

VG247 reports that the game will “feature enhanced 3D models and textures, and 5.1 surround sound” and will also include the option to switch between classic 4:3 ratio to 16:9 widescreen.

“The classic control scheme remains for fans of the original play style or there’s an alternative scheme where the character moves directly in the direction of the analogue stick, utilizing the standards of the current generation of gaming,” explained Capcom.

Source: Famitsu


  1. Brilliant, this and 2 were the best. On Vita would be lovely.

  2. If this is true I hope they use resident evil 4,s over the shoulder camera view if they do that then I’m sold it’s been a lot of years since I played resi evil I can’t even remember what happens in it

    • Nope, it’ll be just as it was, way back when. Just extra pretty. :D

      I bought a gamecube just for the Resident Evil games and this was the gem of the lot. Great news!

      Next, Resident Evil 0…

  3. Have they basically given up on making a decent resident evil then? Hi-Resident Evil!

  4. Very nice. Interesting to see a GameCube port, maybe Twin Snakes could receive the same treatment?

    • That would be awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed Twin Snakes but its a pig to find these days without spending a fortune.

      • Cheers for the headsup Eldaveo – I’ve got a perfect, barely used copy of Twin Snakes… May be worth chucking it on eBay ;-) I’ve got all the Resi games on GC too. Didn’t realise these games held their value so well!

      • They really have held their value. I think I paid around £20-25 per game when I bought the Resi set on GameCube a few years back. Very pricey considering how old the games are and the fact they are available on other consoles too.

      • Ouch. According to my receipts (I keep them in the boxes lol) I bought mine from Game when they were phasing out GC titles for around a tenner a piece… Twin Snakes I paid £25 and yet people are selling it for nearly £50 on ebay. That’s amazing.

        I never part with games anymore after regretting my decision to flog my N64 with all the games, including some rare titles like Banjo Tooie, Paper Mario, and GoldenEye in a box, for around £100. It is mighty tempting though considering they’ll likely never be used again…

  5. Good times, love a bit of classic Resi. Hopefully they put more effort in than they did with Resi4 & Veronica remasters.

  6. And there was me thinking that my copy of TLoU arriving would be the best thing about today… ;)
    The RE remake on Gamecube is still my favourite game of all time so I’m really pleased :)

  7. Damn, when I read the title I thought they were making a new remake. Not a HD remake of the remake of the original. Oh well. I’ve seen clips of this on youtube and it looks great. I’ll definitely be picking it up when it comes out.

  8. Although I love the early Resident Evil games, isn’t anybody else concerned with the glut of HD remakes we’re seeing these days? And this is a 2014 remake of a 2006 remake of a game from 1996. I’d just rather Capcom focussed on developing specifically for the next generation, rather than expend all this energy on a retread of a game that’s almost twenty years old…

    • For the most part, yes, I agree wholeheartedly.
      Upgrades to games like Tomb Raider, Metro, Sleeping Dogs and Payday 2 seem pretty pointless to me as those games were multi-format last generation and there is a strong chance most X1/PS4 owners have already played them.

      Games like The Last of Us however do make sense as a number of 360 owners no doubt jumped over to PlayStation this gen and therefore missed out on playing it on PS3. I too missed out on playing it last gen as I was frantically saving up for the new consoles.

      As for Resi? I agree re-releasing a game first released in 2006 (and the original 10 years before that) might seem a bit silly, but it was previously only available on GameCube and really is a game all horror fans should play.

    • I agree too. The next (or is that now current?) gen is swamped with remakes at the moment… I really hope the trend stops soon! PS2 – HD remakes/masters I can understand but games that have barely been out a year baffles me. Clearly TLOU Remastered was a good business decision but I would rather have had updates of the Uncharted series any day of the week!

      As for Resi, I agree, there doesn’t seem to be much point remastering a game that’s already been remade, but you can guarantee it’ll be snapped up by the truck load, and that’s why they’re doing it…

      Pffft. I just want new games and new experiences damn it!

  9. Fantastic idea as this and 2 were epic. 4 was ok, 5 was meh.

    My only concern is the controls. Go back and have a go. That spinning on the spot and no shooting and running will get annoying as hell. Fast.

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