Activision Teases Sierra Comeback

Seemingly wiped from existence following the Activision Vivendi merger in 2008, the Sierra brand still lives on and is set to make a comeback at this year’s Gamescom. Renamed Sierra Games, the former self-publisher uploaded the following video to YouTube earlier this week.


We’re still unsure as to why Activision Blizzard has decided to revive the studio or what it may currently have in the development pipeline. Sierra has been around since 1980, having created classic series such as Gabriel Knight, King’s Quest, and Leisure Suite Larry. It’s more recent work includes last-gen launch window shooter, TimeShift as well as the under-appreciated Bourne Conspiracy.

Still, even when looking at the studio’s track record, we’re still none the wiser as to what it could announce at Gamescom. That’s okay, however, we love surprises.



  1. Jim, how could you not suspect Half-Life 3??!! Sierra published the first game and some of the expansions I think, that’s got to be a solid lead. My moneys on Half-Life :)

    • Oh, wait a minute, Activision… er, sorry, pretend I wasn’t here.

      • Anyone seen Ron lately? I’m getting worried about him.

      • Genius response.

  2. Those were the days, playing Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest on my speccy.
    I remember getting right to the very last stage of KQ4 I think and not being able to progress any further as I didn’t do some stupid little task near the beginning of the game if I remember correctly.
    The only other thing I remember about it is some lute playing faun… I guess it was about 25+ years ago.

  3. Oooh, Bring back Space Quest!

    • Actually, no. :eave Space Quest alone. After what happened to Larry Laffer, Leave Roger Wilco alone. The Two Guys from Andromeda will be turning in their carbonite blocks.

  4. Did they do Space Quest as well? Think Space Quest 2 was probably the first game I ever played (1987?)

  5. I remember having nightmares about the robot following you in Space Quest… *shudders*

    They also had some hand in Crash Bandicoot according to Wikipedia, and that IP is owned by none other than Activision.

  6. Timeshifts’ gameplay was pretty awesome, the story could of been better; but was a solid game.

  7. You know what I want to see? A bloody Metal Arms: Glitch in the System remake or sequel. What a games that was!

  8. It is easy to forget how far gaming has come. You can certainly see the massive changes just by looking at a game like King’s Quest.

    Hey remember when if you were stuck on some part of a game, you were just stuck!! until you “mastered a move”,”solved the puzzle”, and one life was the norm not a creative new game design? At best, you might find a message board or small article in the back of a Monthly computer magazine.

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