What We Played #168: Portal 2, GTA V & Elite Dangerous

I’m going through one of those periods where I have no time for gaming but am finding that I really don’t miss it at all. Luckily the rest of the team don’t feel the same so there is something for me to write about this week.

Blair has played through Portal 2 “again” and found that he had forgotten how brilliant the game was.  Brilliant enough in fact that he says it was “probably my favourite game of last generation”.

I also discovered Towerfall Ascension. I was wary not to dismiss it due to it’s simplistic visuals, and what I found was the best multiplayer fun since Mario Kart 8. There’s just brilliance in firing arrows at your opponents – particularly when they clash mid-air – and it gets super competitive.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has finally been crossed off of Aran’s unfinished games list. He notes that the game’s final stretch “really cranks up the difficulty and can be frustrating at times” but still recommends that you give it a go because “it’s a good ride”.


His NBA2K14 player has made it to his second year and is playing as part of the All Stars team with a 33.5 points per game average. American’s don’t seem to enjoy sports where scores come in single digits so as far as I know 33.5 may not be all that impressive. Also keep an eye out for his Cloud Chamber review next week.

As for Stefan

Aside from the usual with Battlefield and Gran Turismo meets, Bunimomike has been showing me the sights of GTA V online. I couldn’t really care less about playing the story, but the world that they’ve crafted is pretty cool. Our most recent expedition saw us head underwater to check out a crashed UFO. Took ruddy ages to find, before we went on a quite ludicrous C4 fuelled rampage in a stolen truck. It ended badly.

Thirty years ago I was spending all the time I could playing one particular game on a BBC Micro. That game was Elite.  I haven’t found another game since then that has captured my imagination in quite the same way Elite did, but maybe Peter has?

I’ve played Elite Dangerous and it is amazing. It’s proper old school PC gaming, perfect representation of the classic Elite gameplay too. It took me over an hour to set up the bindings on my flight stick. You have to request permission from the space station before attempting to dock. You have to put your landing gear down. It’s so intricate and immersive. I really love it, amazing that there’s so much in the beta too.

For those of us with extensive collections of CDs that are not subject to any particular filing system finding a particular album can prove challenging at times. Jim has been dealing with a video game version of that particular dilemma.

This week went off to a bad start. Although I’ve been enjoying my return to Watch Dogs, working my way towards its platinum trophy has been taxing to say the least. After mopping up just about every bit of side content I stumbled upon one final challenge, requiring me to find all songs in the game’s open world.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, in truth, it was up until I had to find the last three songs, all of which are stashed on random citizens. Searching for these individuals among thousands has proved impossible to say the least and, without having found one of the three specific songs in the space of forty hours, I doubt an extra ten minutes will help me get the trophy. I’ll no doubt wait until the next patch to try again but Ubisoft really needs to work on its trophies.

Aside from that I’ve been Dota 2 on and off. Although I’m mostly enjoying it, I’m also starting to grow weary of some of the game’s caveats. For the past few weeks every single match I’ve played usually tips in the favour of one team at around the twenty-minute mark. At this point you know you’ve won or lost, it’s just a matter of time.

If you’re on the winning side it’s great fun but if you’re on the receiving end, Dota 2 becomes an absolute nightmare given the lack of any surrender option. Luckily I’ve had mostly wins this week but, with Uni just around the corner, I think I will retire the game for a solid year before coming back – if I can resist the temptation of course!

And closing things out this week is Dan J who is developing video game-related hypochondria.

Well on the PS Vita I’ve been playing Table Top Racing, which I think is a great little racer. It takes a lot of ideas from Micro Machines, Mario Kart and such, so you know what to expect, and it never tries to be anything more than it is. Quite cheap too. Would love to see it on a console being played in split screen though.

I’ve also just started The Swapper on Vita, it looks just as good as the PS4 version, although the analogue sticks on the Vita have always been a bit fiddly, so I’m finding it harder to place clones.

On the PS4 I’ve been playing The Last Of Us. I really didn’t want to buy it again as I felt it was a game you should only play through once, but I ended up doing so. It’s still the best game I’ve ever played. The biggest difference between the PS4 and PS3 versions is the 60fps – the cutscenes in the remastered version are absolutely lovely. The Left Behind DLC, which I hadn’t played before, is a nice addition to the story. Not the type of game you want to be playing when an Ebola outbreak is in the news though!

I’ve also had a few matches on CoD: Ghosts. Scored first in most matches I played (just), but then it matched me in a game which was completely unbalanced, seeing me get killed as soon as respawned every time – not cool.

Progressed a little further in Wolfenstein too. I love the game, but can’t play it much as it’s a bad game for motion sickness.

So remember, the next time you feel sick during an outbreak of fever, you’ve probably just been playing the wrong games and you’re not really ill so don’t worry…



  1. I’ve been working. Meh.

    • First post and, yet, the least fun post.

      D+ Must try harder.

  2. Some Red Dead Redemption on PS3 with McProley and Gazzagb. I was being rather silly with dynamite which didn’t help – sorry fellas! No messing next time!

    On PS4 I played my first 5 weeks on The Last of Us multiplayer, most games were played with Crazy Del, ThreeLions and HarmRehal – we’ve now been unbeaten on about 20+ matches. Managed to get my clan size to 112 so far. I also did one co-op Survival and one co-op Overwatch mission with McProley on Sniper Elite 3. I picked up Murdered: Soul Suspect LE for £21 but haven’t started it yet.

    Played a very small amount of Borderlands 2 on Vita.

  3. Played a bit of Wolfstein & the last of us on ps4, been playing with randoms been lucky to find ones with mics, made the game easier.

    I love the last of us but I feel like maybe I just haven’t got a good eye but what exactly got remastered cause it just looks like the ps3 version but anyway good game & can’t wait to play the DLC

  4. The monster truck, in GTA V, is stunning fun too! Although, how Tef managed to ground it so easily was both laughable and numpty-ish. More Sniper Elite soon, fella.

    For me, Hannypoppie and I have been enjoying Divinity: Original Sin on the PC. An RPG of quite some note. Firstly, it looks very good on the PC. Secondly, it’s tremendously absorbing in many, many ways. We can have a party of four (although only two actual folk get to play this as you control two characters each) and the attention to detail has been stunning. Hell, just like proper Dungeon & Dragons, we explored for ages (wandering around wherever we fancied) and didn’t even fight for an hour or so. It was wonderful. The battles are very interesting with turn-by-turn being a pleasant choice – something I usually very much dislike.

    We’ve stolen so many things, it’s untrue. Hanny distracts them and I creep behind them and Larry LightFinger my way to happiness. Cups, paintings, everything I can lay my nimble digits on.

    The final icing on the cake is that it’s Kickstarted with a tremendously good score on Metacritic.

    Cannot wait to continue with it. :-)

  5. Stormed through AC Liberation HD, which I very much enjoyed. It also took me onto level 20 in my trophy collection. Was on course for the platinum, got to 90%, but then a few of the last missions required ‘take no damage’, which sounded a bit too hard, lol!

    So then moved onto Arkham Origins Blackgate, which I’m about 80% of my way through. It’s an odd game. Constantly trying to relate the 2D levels to the 3D map can be a real headache, so some of the harder collectables, lost deep in the bowels of the levels, I think I’m gonna sack off. It deffo had some good bits, but glad I picked it up half price. Should finish that over the weekend and claim a few more trophies, although looking online, a lot of the trophies require 3 play throughs, and there’s no way I’m doing that!

  6. My copy of TLoU arrived earlier than I expected (Tues), which wasn’t bad at all given I ordered it Monday. Played the first hour or so of the campaign and found it pretty enjoyable but it has been the multiplayer that has had me hooked all week. Such a unique experience and very fun indeed (that Enforcer pistol is amazing). I will fire up the campaign properly this weekend however. After hearing so many good things about it I’m looking forward to experiencing it for the first time :)

    Oh, I also bought a bunch of games in the PSN sale this week. They are still downloading on my crappy connection but “That Trivia Game” is surprisingly fun when played with a couple of people – I could kill that game show host though, such a tool.

    • Still not likely to ever really play competitive multiplayer with a handful of unknowns online but the video I watched (this week) of TLoU multiplayer had wonderful pacing. Exactly how I’d want it. Not this hilariously laughable quick-scoping bullshit I see with so many other games.

      • You wouldn’t be disappointed Mike, it’s fantastic – well balanced and nicely placed. 4 vs 4 max is also great. No one has too much ammo or equipment so no one can go too gung-ho.

      • I may well pick up the PS4 version down the line so might rustle up a few TSA folk to come help me experience what it’s like being kicked to death by you all. :P

      • You should, and I would happily join you!

      • You promiscuous little tramp. Deal! :D

      • Someone say ‘tramp’?
        I may start getting into TLOU multiplayer in the near future, so feel free to add me lads.
        Saying that, tonight I’ll fail to join the BF4 TSA meet for the 4th week in a row so it may never happen. :)

  7. Mainly Rogue Legacy for me this week. It’s such a fun and addictive game that I’ve finished it twice (I could have easily finished it more times but the enemies scale up in difficulty for every completion). The platinum trophy however is still well put of reach as the remixed bosses are ridiculously difficult (except the 4th one, it’s pretty easy) and completing the game in less than 15 deaths is also going to be very tricky.
    Aside from that it’s been short blasts of Pure Pool (which sorely needs fixed as online is broken and the trophies are very glitchy), Zen Pinball 2 (as I picked up the 3 Star Wars packs in the PSN sale) and Trials Fusion (to work on the challenges for the new dlc tracks).
    I also had a go at Metrico, which I was enjoying until I got to the tilt sensor levels. Unfortunately they are so annoying I don’t think I’ll go back to it.

  8. This week I finished off the campaign of wolfenstein on PS4 which I enjoyed but unsure whether I’ll bother going for the platinum.
    Also I’ve played fez which is fun,but confusing at times!

  9. Completed newgame+ of TLoU and polished off Left Behind dlc. They played quite lovely with the DS4 on PS3 – just click the flashlight on and off instead of shaking it.
    I ‘played’ Proteus for about fifteen minutes, felt like i had probably seen everything including a ‘whooshy stone circle bit’ but no trophies unlocked even though it looks like a few should have unlocked by simply walking around..?
    Also made a few attempts at Road Not Taken. So far i’ve managed to save half the kids in year 3. I’ll probably give it another few goes but the thought of having to restart the whole game when i’ve progressed further into it is a bit off-putting.

  10. I’m still waiting for TLoU to be sent out.
    I’ve been playing The walking dead season 2 on Vita which I picked up in sale because I thought that’ll be an easy plat before checking out trophies. It doesn’t have a plat in it but loving it anyway. Also a bit of Borderlands 2 on Vita, which is the first game I ever played co-op with my nephew.

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