Enjoy The Sun & Slaughter In The First Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer

Deep Silver has revealed the first gameplay look at Dead Island 2, showing zombies meeting all sorts of gruesome ends in this pre-alpha footage. The golden state of California is shown off in some bright colours here with lots of sunshine illuminating the blood that spatters all over the place as characters make the undead explode, catch fire, and lose their heads thanks to some more untraditional weapons, as well as the classics like shotguns.


There will be a focus on cooperative gameplay, and you can see glimpses of that in the video above, though if you fancy smashing zombies solo then you can. Those who attend Gamescom will have the opportunity to get their hands on Dead Island 2, which is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

Source: Youtube



  1. Looking really awesome!

  2. Looks really good, and I’m cautiously optimistic, but please don’t turn into a first person Dead Rising.. It needs to keep that survival horror aspect, not be a comedy.

  3. Looking good, i think i’ll prefer this to Dying Light.

  4. It actually looks freaken awesome, and like the above, reckon I’ll prefer this over Dying Light, but no doubt I’ll be buying both. Excited!

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