Sony Release Another Gamescom Teaser Trailer, And It’s Really Something

I feel like Sony are traditionally pretty good at making montages and trailers to excite people about their upcoming products or announcements. That said, if the exception makes the rule, here’s your exception.


I’m not really sure what this teaser is supposed to do for us. It’s a bunch of people happily playing games, with a few of them making faces I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another human make.

Sony’s presentation will be on Tuesday at 6pm in the UK, and I think the goal of this video was for you to get excited about what they’re showing, so go ahead and start doing that. It might actually help if you don’t watch the video.

Source: YouTube



  1. WHY SONY… WHY????

  2. Someone got paid to make that. The mind boggles.

  3. This thing is so cringeworthy and horrible, I can’t bear to watch it a second time.

    • What works in one market may not work in others. Sadly gaming journalists don’t understand this, and assume everything centres around their region

  4. I think you need to move the embedded trailer to after the bit where you wrote ‘don’t watch the video’.

    • Nah, it’s better this way. Everyone needs to experience this. :-)

  5. Odd, most faces I make apparently are rage & anger when gaming? ;)

    • I’m with you there bro!

      • *moves Dave away from glass coffee table*

      • I’ve been very good lately I’ll have you know ;)

      • Those gaming mittens have really helped. :-)

      • They work a treat apart from every now and then I get tangled up with the string… almost choked to death the other day but at least I haven’t lost a mitten.

  6. Have Sony merged with the Church of Scientology?

    • Ah, that’s it. I did think I recognised the artistic expression.

  7. Biggest load of nob I’ve ever watched.

  8. Like a cheap 70’s music video mixed with a cheap Mexican model agency.

  9. Looks like they’re all coming up on a dose of Funky Cold Medina as they’ve spotted their first victim.

  10. Im not even going to hit play.

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