Driveclub’s Dynamic Weather Looks Fantastic

Evolution were on stage at Sony’s Gamescom conference to talk about Driveclub. The game will feature a dynamic weather system, which looks absolutely gorgeous.


You’ll be able to edit when and how the weather will change during a race. You might want to start a race during a period of torrential rain and then reach the finish line as a thunderstorm hits, or even a snowstorm. Evolution are keen to ensure that every race is different from the last.

They also lightly touched upon the social features in Driveclub. Single members of each club can unlock new rewards for all members of the group, and you can receive notifications quicker with a downloadable app.



  1. another thing i took from that video, maybe the game will also have a photo mode.

    though, maybe that was revealed a while ago and i missed it.

  2. DriveClubia shaping up to be something really, really special. I simply cannot wait :-)))

    • Damn you iPhone! *Driveclub

  3. What I really don’t like the sound of is your club drivers unlocking content for you.
    To me that sounds like getting a new game and coming to it a few days later to find someone has completed everything for you.

    • Not sure if I like the sound of that either. Part of the challenge of a racing game like DriveClub is improve your driving to unlock new cars.

  4. It looks stunning, I’m just hoping the actual driving feels right.

  5. I don’t think I wouldn’t be getting this if it wasn’t free with plus, seems like an experiment to me. And is the weather coming post release still? Graphics look top notch still though.

    • I think they mentioned the dynamic weather coming a month later.

      • 2 weeks later if my memory serves me correctly.
        …2 WEEEEEEEKS!

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