Evolve Gamescom Footage Shows Off Distillery Map

Although Evolve was recently pushed back to a February launch in 2015, that hasn’t stopped Turtle Rock from flaunting as much gameplay as they can, and they again dropped new footage during Microsoft’s Gamescom conference.


This footage was taken from Distillery, a brand new map that we’ve never seen before today. The map includes snowstorms that can apparently cause trouble both the hunters and the monster. Teamwork was again paramount in this clip, particularly since we immediately see the monster evolve to stage three right when the round begins.

Evolve will be launching on February 10th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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  1. Oh, sports commentary! Well, it makes a change from the fake, buddy teamwork of other co-op demos. *cough*The*cough*Division*cough*

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