There’s A Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack For Non-Marvel Fans Too

In less than a week’s time, Disney Infinity will be one year old. Leading up to the game’s launch many were unsure as to whether it could topple its main competitor, Skylanders, while also lifting Disney video game spin-offs from their recent slump. In short, it did both and Disney Interactive has since been busy working on a sequel.

Due to release this September, 2.0’s defining feature -for many- will be its inclusion of Marvel content. From Spider-Man and The Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a glut of new characters to collect and locations to explore.



Not everyone will be a fan of the crossover, however. Though some may think it awesome to ride shotgun on Cap’s motorcycle with Stitch or Aladdin, purists may have a hard time with Disney Infinity 2.0.

Perhaps sensing an impending division, Disney Interactive has announced an alternate starter pack for 2.0. Instead of The Avengers, this variant will include Merida and Stitch as well as everything you need to get started. The only main draw here is that it will launch at a later date this November.

It’s a smart move and shows that the publisher genuinely cares about each and every part of its fanbase. Hopefully this dual support of both Marvel and Disney content will continue to remain balanced as more content and expansions become available further down the line.

Source: Press Release


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  1. I’m more interested in knowing whether there is a pack without a portal?
    I gather it’s the same portal as the original, so would appreciate the opportunity to not have to buy another one!

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