WeView Verdict: inFamous Second Son

I actually returned to Second Son over the weekend, continuing the mayhem in my evil playthrough and just doing side missions, lowering DUP control of the areas in the process. It’s still as fun as I remember it being.

A lot of you seemed to enjoy the game too, despite there being a few outliers though there was nothing completely scathing in the comments and it was generally well received, despite not being massively acclaimed. We’ll get on with dissecting your comments, then.


Lieutenant Fatman described the game as “very entertaining”, discussing the “…superb graphics, seriously cool powers to play with” and naming it the best “big budget game” on the PS4 right now. 3Shirts agreed, saying “It feels very ‘next gen’ with a large expansive world and incredible graphics” but went on to complain about the “repetitive” side missions and how choices were very binary and basically spelled out for you.

After not getting along with Watch Dogs, double-o-dave traded it for inFamous and was “pleasantly surprised”. Element666 missed Cole but “did like Delsin” and enjoyed “pretty much everything”, only making an exception for the “boring” side missions.

“I found it far more repetitive than either of the first two titles” said hornet1990 and “realised that so many of the systems, mechanics and even sounds had almost been lifted wholesale” from the previous game. Despite that, they found it “enjoyable enough”. PrebbLord didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous  “It’s a beautiful game with great gameplay, music and actors, but the story wasn’t as interesting as previous infamous games and it was over pretty quickly”.

Jakster123x echoed the previous comments, but added “Once you get a handle of the controls and all the powers at your disposal though, you might not even care.” which seems like a solid point to make. “Delsin’s world was bright busy and full of things to do” said wonkey-willy but criticised the morality system, saying that “there was no balance between good and evil”.

There was a dose of negativity from Mutt who said “Worst game in the Infamous series by far. I couldn’t bring myself to do a second playthrough. Boring and uninspiring.” But TSBonyman disagreed, he couldn’t get on with the previous inFamous titled but feels “they really nailed the gameplay this time around”.

“Apart from being a lot shorter than the others, I think the biggest mistake SP made was to unlock the locations of each shard after beating the district.” stated Ouninpohja. Another complaint about the length came from Dom: “The main plot is a little straightforward and slightly too short, and I think if you didn’t do any of the extra tasks you’d probably feel a bit hard done by.”

“Sure the gfx were amazing and some of the powers looked sublime, but it was basically inFamous 1 with a really good paintjob.” said MadBoJangles who didn’t get through the game due to its repetition. Meanwhile tactical20 found Seattle “pretty pathetic compared to the huge cities in other open world games”.

JR said that it’s “not a bad game, it’s just not the inFamous game I wanted” and found many of the character underdeveloped, with the choices “pointless”. Despite this, “it really is a great game” according to JR. Finally, DividSmythe said it’s a”really pretty game. Gameplay was great but Delsin did lack a little something, maybe a not much of a sense of humour.”

Beejee13 found a nice balance with their verdict:

Enjoyed it, great graphics, story and amazing powers that you unlock (the smoke you start with can feel like a step backwards from electricity). Lots of similar ‘side missions’ but that seems to be par for the course in an infamous game.

So, that’s the verdict for Second Son. Not as positive I had expected, but there were some problems with the game which were understandable. That leaves us with eight votes for Buy It, nine for Sale It, one for Plus It and no votes for Avoid It.

We’ve got Dark Souls II tomorrow, so expect having a hard time commenting with that one. You know, because the game is hard? Doesn’t matter. Anyway, that means there are four new games for you to vote for next week. Woohoo!



  1. Great stuff, I hope the spin off dlc next month is good, I will be tempted to get that.

  2. Seems everyone had a fair comment with this. It had a lot of pro’s and con’s thinking back but it’s worth a butchers.

    On another note… If I disappear off TSA for a while, it’s because once again I haven’t got a calculator handy and can’t seem to get a grasp of simple mathematics whilst signing in like 2 +9 = _ ? Even though I always thought my maths was a strong point, these simple sign-in sums seem to bewilder me!

    • Wait until they throw you a curve ball by spelling out one of the numbers. Total head-fuck. ;)

      • Yep. It’s like playing & winning Countdown just to sign in! Lol

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