New Details On Overkill’s Walking Dead Game

It was only last week that we got first wind of yet another Walking Dead game being developed, this time by Overkill, a studio recently acquired by Starbreeze, the makers of the PayDay series. This new tidbit of info comes from a Reddit AMA (ask my anything) conducted by Almir Listo, the producer behind the game.

A lot of the questions revolved around PayDay 2, since he is the producer behind that game as well, but he did let slip that the new Walking Dead game will take place in the comic’s universe.


We’re working with Robert himself. Seeing as he writes the comics, it’s only natural that we’ll focus on that. Personally, I love the focus on horror in the comics. We’ll focus on new characters and new storylines, same universe.

We already knew about Robert Kirkland’s involvement so it’s slim pickings outside of that, but I did find an interesting response to what he said when asked about what the experience has been like so far.

Robert and everyone and Skybound are the perfect partner – this will truly be something different. For the first time we’re independently financing and creating the game ourselves. We have full creative control, the money to pay for it, a great IP to play with and the community – you included – to help us give feedback and make it the coolest co-op experience ever.

It’s great hearing him say that this will be something different, because the Walking Dead is pretty saturated across all forms of media right now. And the last Walking Dead game (subtitled Survival Instinct) developed by someone other than Telltale didn’t exactly turn out so great, posting a 34 on metacritic. Hopefully this game experiences a better fate, but it’ll be quite awhile before we find out as it’s currently slated for a 2016 release.

If you missed the teaser last week, we’ve included it below.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Co-op? Oh, good god. Yes! Now you have my attention. :-)

    • Touché.
      I’m liking the fact a majority of new games being announced are concentrating more on co-op lately.

      • Chuffed to bits, fella. The social gaming is a huge way to keep people entertained longer than normal in a particular title. They just need to make sure the game, itself, is a good ‘un.

        Never been a time like it (outside of couch co-op) pre-internet but we have shiny new hardware and so much more breadth and depth to the gaming industry that I’ll plump for what’s happening currently when compared to halcyon days gone by.

      • Well I stupidly had a spur of the moment urge to buy a new TV when the World Cup started, so now I’ve got a big screen either end of my lounge which is handy as the PS4 is an ideal size for a mate to easily put in a rucksack and bring round.
        Could make co-op sessions more of a laugh. A bit like local co-op on 2 TVs.

  2. Too much walking dead media I’m kind of over it :/ will stick to the show for now

  3. The Payday games are brilliant so I’m sure Overkill will do a good job with this, I just wonder how similar they will be e.g characters with skill trees to rank up, multiple day missions etc.

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