There Will Be No Going Back When The Walking Dead Season Two Finale Releases Next Week

Telltale Games has released a bumper trailer for the finale of The Walking Dead Season Two, containing spoilers from both this season and last season. Along with this trailer the studio also announced that the finale, titled No Going Back, will be releasing next week across PC, consoles, and Apple devices.


8/26 – PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 & PS Vita North America
8/27 – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Europe
8/28 – iPhone & iPad via the App Store

It looks like the finale will really set the kind of person Clementine will become in the future, something this season has really been building up to. I’ve enjoyed Season Two and everyone’s fate, including that of Clementine’s, is really up in the air especially after that ending for episode four. One of the biggest threats that will be prominent through the episode is the lack of supplies as winter truly sets in, and the group will have to make hard choices to survive.

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  1. Need to finish Season 1. Loved it whilst going through it just need to get back to it. Not really touched it since my ps4 arrived.

  2. I was enjoying the first season on my psv, until I got stuck. Haven’t picked it up since!

    • I’d love to play twd on the psv but I’ve heard it’s even buggier than the console version. How have you found it so far? Is it as bad as they say? I keep seeing it on the store and it’s pretty cheap but I know I wont enjoy it if it’s full of glitches.

      • It is buggy and very annoying. I’ve played both episodes on Vita. The frame rate drop is terrible. It also freezes a lot which makes it feel as if it’s going to crash. Saying that I’ve never had a game breaking bug. Only get it if your after a trophy boost really.

  3. I’m not watching the trailer but I am looking forward to the final next week. I just wish episode four had been stronger. There isn’t much hype considering it’s the last episode.

  4. I havent started season 2 yet, I’m waiting for them all to download first because I got burned last time when I finished 4 eps of season 1 only for ep5 to corrupt my save file when it installed and lose all my progress.

    Once bitten, etc.. if you’ll pardon the pun.

  5. Great. I can’t wait for me the story has been unbelievably great. Just a shame there’s not plat art the end of it.

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