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WeView: Wolfenstein: The New Order

You voted for Wolfenstein: The New Order to feature in this week’s WeView, and it’s a game which depicts a very different reality to the world we live in today. The Nazis have won the war, and the whole world lies in the shadows of super concrete structures and a radical fascist regime.

I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played of Wolfenstein so far. The gunplay is utterly bonkers and I find that the dual weaponry is especially good fun. I’ve taken a liking to the story too, finding the alternate history truly fascinating.

However, I think the visuals are a little rough around the edges. The character movement and motion blur also cause me to suffer from motion sickness, which is rather frustrating. Despite this, I’m hoping to finish the game this week.

Peter reviewed the game for TSA, scoring Wolfenstein: The New Order 7/10. In terms of the story he said “the game shows an adroitness in setting up the kind of characters that are quite unsettling…but it sometimes feels like those characters aren’t explored particularly well”. This could be “solely because of an eagerness to return to the rather base motivations of the protagonist himself, and his general air of invincibility”.

Peter noted that not just the in-game world of Wolfenstein has evolved within the twenty year story, but the gameplay itself. The “narrow hallways and point-to-point progression” expand to “much larger… maze-like maps” following the prologue mission and leap forward in the game’s timeline.

The AI wasn’t quite up to scratch though, with the “short-sightedness” of the patrols detracted for him from the tension of trying to play stealthily. Although the game had some “very striking moments” visually, they was also a “persistent and mildly frustrating texture fade-in issue”.

The New Order is unlikely to feature in many Game of the Year lists and it does have a few areas where perhaps it could have benefitted from a little more polish. Shooter fans, and especially those who remember the halcyon days of id’s seminal shotgun-and-chainsaw, blood-soaked titans, shouldn’t let that put them off. It’s clearly not perfect but it is a very enjoyable and respectably lengthy shooter that embraces its heritage while successfully striving to evolve its core gameplay in a new and interesting direction.

Did you enjoy the chaotic gunplay of Wolfenstein: The New Order, or did you find yourself a little tired with the well-used Nazi killing formula? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Remember to get your comments in by Sunday evening to be included in next Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Over the top in every sense of the word and delivers a great single player FPS experience in every way that Duke Nukem didn’t. Has a truly bonkers storyline, over the top weapons, nazis and SPOILER ******* nazis on the moon.

    Some may complain that the visuals are not up to perceived next gen standards but who needs graphics to make a good game and that is exactly what this is. No multiplayer to worry about and absolutely zero emphasis on the online experience.

    Enjoyed the game immensely and given that it can be picked up relatively cheaply now it is a definite buy from me. There is something special about shooting a Nazi zombie android robot in the face with an overpowed shotgun on the moon…. On the moon people!

  2. Wolfenstein highlights everything that is wrong with modern day shooters, by rejecting them entirely. It is a good, old fashioned twist on a modern game that is above all else genuinely fun to play. In a saturated grey market, Wolfenstien is a vivid splash of red.

    Buy it. You’ll love it.

  3. I want it, I plan to buy it. Keen to play an old school shooter again, Doom on PSone is my favourite.

  4. Haven’t played it myself but it does sound like Iron Sky in PS3 format, which sounds like a formula for win!

    Not necessarily to everybody’s tastes but over-the-top wins for me, in the FPS-stakes. And I’m bad so prefer the single-player experience!

    PS Iron Sky – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1034314/

  5. I bought this game as a stop-gap to get me through a distinct PS4 gaming drought and yet it turned out to be one of the best, most enjoyably OTT games of 2014, for me at least.

    No unnecessary multiplayer to bulk up the trophy list or to try and force you to grind towards a virtual trinket, a well-told, engrossing, alternate story that isn’t as short as other shooters on the market right now, and with genuinely interesting characters to guide you through the craziness, this is a game that anyone who longs for the fun of old school shooters should not hesitate to buy.

    In case you hadn’t guessed, my verdict is to buy it. Now. :-)

  6. Note to self: 8+3 does NOT = 12!

    Now back to the game… I’m gutted I didn’t buy a copy of this the other day now instead of that boring Metro twallop.
    Sounds like this isn’t too serious and could be quite a laugh so I might pick it up at some point.

    • My thoughts exactly. Was fairly cheap for a bit too, but seems to have gone up again, hence why I picked up Metro Reyawn instead.

      • Yep. Shame I got the digital version of Metro or I could’ve traded in a trip to the sewers for a trip to the moon. I’ve had more fun reading timetables in the london underground than in Metro.

        Nazi’s on the Moon in Wolfenstein sounds pretty cool, better than the sound of a 50 year old women’s voice(over) coming out of random (crap character model) children in Metro. lol

  7. I loved every minute (in both timelines) of Wolfenstein.
    I managed to get it cheap at release,and to be fair wasn’t expecting a AAA title.
    But what was presented before me was a balls deep,good old fashioned ,no brained shooter.
    What more could you ask for? Mad Nazi scientists,giant Nazi robots a crazy Nazi dictator with her slightly camp sidekick.
    Personally for me what made it enjoyable is the fact that Wolfenstein never pretends to be something it isn’t.It just does what it says on the tin,get from A to B following a somewhat loose plot,blasting the living crap out of everything on the way(twice if you play both timelines)
    A definite buy it!

  8. I’m loving this so far.
    One of my favourites that I’ve played on my ps4 up to now.

  9. I picked this up cheap,as there was a shortage of titles out. I’m so glad I did!
    Throughly enjoyed it! I liked how you could play stealthy or go in guns blazing.
    I also found the alternative time line really interesting.
    Buy it from me :-)

  10. Great, solid shooting and weapons, including a cutting tool which is sort of a modern equivalent of the old crowbar and makes for some enjoyable alternative gameplay along the way. Wonderful easter egg in the form of the original game to be found in there too. I haven’t completed it yet, currently on the boss with two zeppelins, but it’s a definite Buy It from me.

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