Minecraft For Xbox One Out On Friday, PS4 Maybe Today And Vita Later, As PC Gets Updated

Minecraft’s not something I’ve ever really got into, but I know so many people that are borderline obsessed with playing and creating in its sandbox world. Having been on last generation consoles for quite some time now, people have been understandably quite eager to get their hands on some much improved PS4 and Xbox One versions, which would allow for much larger worlds to explore and play in. Then there’s the PS Vita version, for some mining and crafting when you’re on the bus.

Originally planned for release in August, 4J Studios’ ports slipped a little and were only submitted for approval last week. Microsoft have managed to be the first through the door, announcing yesterday that the game will release digitally this Friday, 5th September, for $19.99/£14.99. There’s even an upgrade scheme for Xbox 360 players, who can upgrade from either retail or digital version for $4.99/£3.99, and can even transfer their DLC and creations.


UPDATE: It seems that PlayStation France and the PS Store itself have been complicit in leaking that the PS4 version might actually release digitally for PS4 during today’s store update. The tweets have been deleted and the store entry removed though, so fingers crossed.

We’ll hopefully see something similar when the PS4 version hits, but this is taking a little longer to pass through certification at Sony.

Additionally, they need more time with the Vita to get it up to scratch.

Rounding out this Minecraft heavy news story, the PC version of the game is getting some more love, with a patch that has been approaching a year in the making. Available as a pre-release for a little while, version 1.8, The Bountiful Update, hit the main update feed yesterday, and brought all sorts of changes and additions. It ranges from adding new types of stone blocks, banners and rabbits to rebalancing villager trading, improving performance and plenty more. Head to their site to see the full list.

So, lots going on if you’re a Minecraft fan, and we’ll keep an eye out for news on PS4 and PS Vita releases.

Sources: Mojang, Microsoft, 4J Studios via VG247



  1. I’ve recently introduced a ban on any minecraft topics of conversation cos my 6 year old is obsessed with the bloody thing.

    Got it pre-ordered for his vita though.

  2. Can’t wait, can simply lose days to this game.

  3. Playstation France leaked it being released tomorrow apparently.

    • Yep, I’m just seeing about that. The thing is that they said that yesterday, which means it could be out today!

      • Really? Wow, well we’ll see in a little while.

  4. Apparently Minecraft PS4 appeared on the PS store yesterday for about 20 minutes before being taken down again. I think anyone who tried to buy it got an error.

  5. We’ve recently thrown in the Railcraft mod (on the PC version we have) and we now have HighSpeedRail everywhere. It’s great! Sadly, you have to lay down “slow” track before the corners or the mine-cart explodes. Additionally, you don’t want this to happen in a tunnel you’ve lovingly crafted (accidentally out of combustible materials). Picture three Minecraft folk furiously beating out the flames before the water washes into the tunnel and dissolves all of the track! :-)

    Next build: Colditz! :-)

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