What We Played #172: Warframe, Dead Rising 3 & Velocity 2X

There’s still no spare gaming hours for anything but Warframe for me at the moment, at lest until Tuesday, but the others are seeing more variety in their gaming as long as that variety includes Velocity 2X.

Blair played it for a TSA stream this week after playing Surgeon Simulator for a video at the weekend. “Velocity 2X is great, though not as amazing as I had expected. It’s still really fun, and definitely worth playing. As for Surgeon Simulator, well, I think we’ll let the video talk for that one.”


Joining me in the one-game-a-week club is Aran who has only played Tales of Xillia 2 for review. In a nutshell “it isn’t as great as Xillia 1 but it is a good game in its own right”.

Dom’s Velocity 2X experience so far has him unconvinced that it will replace Resogun as his favourite PS4 shmup and he prefers the on foot sections to the ship-based ones. He’s fitted that in around his homework for his Madden 15 review which should be around here somewhere soon.

I’ve also been hugely enjoying The Wolf Among Us, having finished the first two chapters now. It also makes me very excited for Telltale’s Game Of Thrones title, which I’m hoping turns out well.

Velocity 2X has been “dominating” Stefan’s gaming too though he’s “had it for review since early in August, it wasn’t really until after Gamescom that I started to sink time into it and came to love it so”. You will also soon be able to read about his Dead Rising 3 adventures.

He is continuing his exploits in Watch Dogs as he works towards completing the story. He reckons his stealth methods have come on “leaps and bounds”, see what do you think:

We end this week with Kris’ thoughts on, yes, Velocity 2X.

Cracking through Velocity 2X. It’s great and I love it, but it’s hard so I hate it. It’s a very conflicted relationship. Completing levels is not overly taxing, so far at least, but it’s getting a level to perfect that does it. Futurlab clearly want me to break my Vita. It’s the only explanation.

How many of you are in the V2X club this week?



  1. Just started on Warframe now its on xbox and I’m impressed, though a little overwhelmed at all the menus and customisation options.

  2. Not tried Velocity 2x as of yet and i doubt it’ll be any time soon,which is a shame as the first one was good.I’ve been playing Persona 4 on the Vita and i have to say it’s a great game,thoroughly enjoying it even though i’ve never touched the series before.Obviously like so many others i’m looking forward to Tuesday and the release of Destiny.I’ll just have to split gaming time between Persona 4 & Destiny.

  3. I thought I’d give velocity 2x a quick go today …..that was 3 hours ago! Crazily addicted!

  4. Not a great deal for me this week but I’m managing to find an hour or so in the evenings again so hopefully I can put that right soon :)
    Played a bit of RE1 on Vita in preparation for the remake next year. Also downloaded super time force on x1 which I didn’t like, glad it was a freebie.
    The real highlight of the week though was selling my n64 for nearly 50quid. Used the cash to buy Destiny so really looking forward to that :)

  5. Well I had the unfortunate luck of playing Metro Redux.

    It’s bizarre how much my views differ from the reviews I’ve read.
    If anyones interested I started a thread in the forums about my feelings on the game & I’d be interested to hear yours as I’m still baffled over review scores. :)

    Just be aware of my terrible grammar and spelling… I’m not sure what the hell happened to be honest.

    • Yep. I managed a couple of hours of Metro before losing interest.

  6. Lots and lots of Diablo on PS4, so much so that I platinumed it last night.
    A few rounds of golf in The Golf Club, a quick blast of Mine craft PS4 and some Trine 2 with Forrest and Pixel_name.

    • Who be this Pixel_name! Congrats again on platinum 120 ;)

      • I don’t think you are one to be quibbling over what name is being used! ;)

        (In all seriousness though, looks like an autocorrect thing to me)

      • ;D

      • Yeah, stupid auto correct.

  7. Well i’ve also been playing Diablo quite a bit just approaching level seventy with my first character Wizbit the wizard,also a bit of Trine 2 with R1MJAW and Forrest although I didn’t see this Pixel_name chap,played several rounds of The Golf Club a bit of Plants vs Zombies and tiny bits of Olliolli,Watchdogs,velocity and a few games on Zen walking dead table and later should be the Battlefield 4 meet where it can’t get worse than last week. Can it? :D

    • Wizbit??

      As in “haha this-a-way, haha that-a-way”???


  8. This week I got the platinum for infamous first light! Pretty good game,and I had fun in the arenas,which surprised me as I don’t normally enjoy that kinda thing.
    Also I went back to gta v for some mp action. It was fun for a while. And yesterday I picked up minecraft ps4 edition and my day off disappeared in the blink of an eye!

    • I think that may be the fastest for first light (not definite, but don’t recall anyone saying they had it as yet).

      Get your name into the forum & onto the leaderboard!

      • Cheers Forrest,you were correct!

  9. I got platinum on Lego the hobbit on Wednesday which seemed like it would never end. Also I’ve been playing Minecraft ps4 and velocity 2x just like everybody.

  10. Completed the single-player of split/second, still got a few trophies to get, plus online multi-player. Plus, I’ve become a vampire in skyrim, which is nice…

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