FIFA 15 Demo Available Today On Xbox One, Tomorrow On PlayStation

The demo for one of the big titles, FIFA 15, is releasing this week. It’s already available on Xbox One weighing in at just over 3GB, and here’s a handy link to it. However, PlayStation owners will have to wait an extra day as the demo will not be available until tomorrow. The PlayStation Europe Twitter account tweeted the message a few minutes ago, ensuring that it will keep those waiting updated.

Looking at some of the replies to that tweet quite a few people are unhappy with that news, with some rather choice words being directed at the Twitter account. If you’d like to discover what differences FIFA 15 has over its predecessors you can read Stefan’s preview here, where he states that this version is more polished than 14.

Source: Twitter



  1. Microsoft paying for timed demo exclusivity now?

    Only joking, its almost always happened, even when FIFA was a PS affiliated franchise, due to the store update day.

  2. Or tonight if you have a US account ツ

  3. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy and I’m pretty certain it will be a step up from FIFA 14 which is already good so I’m not gonna bother with the demo. It’s only a couple of weeks away anyway, that way I’ll look forward to playing it more when I receive my copy.

    • Ron… Where are ya mate?
      Now I’ve got 3 ‘ways’ in a sentence.

  4. European store only updates on Wednesdays so people shouldn’t have been expecting them to make an exception for an EA game.

  5. cant wait!
    this years shirt ,minor, unnoticeable tweak and team member update!
    all for £50.00 bargain.

  6. I’ve played xbone version. All that’s really changed is the keepers are hard to beat now. After a couple of weeks everybody will back to the halfway line scoring again.

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