Driveclub Will Have An Install Size Of 17GB

The size of game installs has been a topic of interest especially this interest as high numbers are required by some. Looking at my install list on the PS4 shows Wolfenstein: The New Order taking 53GB of space, over a tenth of the console’s capacity. Killzone Shadow Fall is another high one at 45GB. That’s two games taking roughly a fifth of the PS4’s 500GB, so data management is something we’ll have to do more of.

So it is better news that Driveclub will require a 17GB install when it releases next month. This information came via Paul Rustchynsky, the game’s director, through Twitter earlier this afternoon.


Paul also said on Twitter that load times are on average around 10 seconds. If you’re ordering the digital version of Driveclub pre loading should be available from next week, though this excludes the PS Plus copy. Driveclub will be out from October 7th in North America, with the UK disc release happening on October 10th.

Source: Twitter



  1. not too horrendous..
    running out of space already on my 500 gig..
    damn call of duty is taking up a huge chunk.
    anyone recommend a decent terabyte hd?

    • Or 2TB?!

      • I bought a Seagate backup plus 2tb portable slim HDD from Argos for 80 quid, got the hard drive out of the case and its a laptop one so it fit in my ps4 ;) its awesome 1800gb+ of space after they take 10% for cache and ui

    • The first thing I did when I got my PS4 was put a 1TB HDD in. Thank God, I’ve already used over 400GB!

      Mine’s a Western Digital Blue 1TB, got the exact same drive in the PS3

    • Delete Call Of Duty, you know you want to.

    • You probably know that video captures take up a lot of hdd space, so if you’ve been hitting that Share button frequently you might be able reclaim some hdd space in a pinch by culling some of those.

  2. That is surprisingly small although i guess twelve months of additional tracks and cars will increase it bit by bit.
    I’m not too worrried about space yet though, i have 30 games installed including 5 full disc installs and i still have half of the original hdd space left! :)

    • The small size of the game is making me worry about the quality of the game if I’m being honest.

      • Quality of code doesn’t bump up the game install size. Only the assets do. If they’ve done it within 17GB then good on them. It’s not a big, sprawling world so there’s no reason for them to hit anything insane like 40GB+.

        Keep in mind that we had wonderful games that were under a gig and continue to do so. The assets just scale with the ambition of the game (and the genre). Shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

      • I know nothing about game coding, but seeming a lot of the calculations are rendered in real time, wouldn’t that also cut the size down?
        For example, the weather and skies are being calculated live instead of already pre-rendered and taking up room on the disc or install file. Is that how it works???

      • It all depends on the assets required. If they require Full-Motion Video (FMV), samples of sound (ie. MP3/WAV) or high resolution textures (photographic, etc) then file size sky-rockets. However, if things are mathematically generated then things can be kept to a minimum. Always the way with software like this.

      • Yeah, I think thats pretty much what I meant. :)
        Saying that, when I look back to the fact I used to play Outrun on a 128k Speccy, 17gb seems pretty gargantuan.

  3. So glad I fitted my 1TB drive before I even switched my PS4 on.

  4. Getting really excited for this game now, may even to the whole digital pre-order/pre-load!

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