Ubisoft Continue To Push Co-op in Assassin’s Creed Unity With New Trailer

It wasn’t but a few days ago that Ubisoft gave us a solid look at the co-op heist missions in Assassin’s Creed Unity, but they’re back again with another small piece of hype for the multiplayer, this time via a stylish trailer rather than an actual gameplay segment.


It really doesn’t show us much that we haven’t already seen but it is a nicely done trailer that’s sure to get anyone who was already excited about the co-op multiplayer salivating even more. It doesn’t really have much of a theme beyond the obvious stuff but there is one bit that mentions the assassins having different skills. That may just be a general statement but it does make me wonder if maybe skill progression might play a small part in Unity. We’ll find out on November 13th.

Source: YouTube


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  1. I know this is gonna be excellent, and I can’t wait, but thought that co-op heist vid the other day looked pretty dull.

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