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Watch Dogs was one of this summer’s biggest releases. Despite the game’s delay, its blend of hacking abilities within a Grand Theft Auto-esque world attracted plenty of hype.

In Watch Dogs you play as Aidan Pearce, with your primary weapon being his smartphone. It certainly is an interesting concept, but is it an experience worthy of fetching or one that needs to be shutdown?

Personally I wasn’t a fan of Watch Dogs at all. It has been my worst purchase on the PlayStation 4 so far, which may sound harsh. I fell for the hype (which is something I don’t usually do) and bought the game on release day. However, I suddenly realised that the game didn’t match any of my gameplay expectations I had for it. The hacking felt a little useless, and the game didn’t look great either in my opinion. I quickly traded it in, and haven’t thought about giving it a second chance.

Jim, who reviewed the game for TSA (scoring it an 8/10), was a lot more positive than me about Watch Dogs saying the game depicts a “fresh and strikingly innovative concept that goes hand in hand with the game’s open world structure”. With that being said he wasn’t overly keen on the single player campaign. Although it had “an interesting story” it is “one that arguably sags in the middle”, with the villains doing “little to stir your emotions”.

Jim was a fan, however, of the “superb gunplay”, saying “snapping from cover to cover is quick” thanks to neat parkour movement, and also “mowing down enemies is just as fluid and precise”. In contrast to my thoughts of Watch Dogs visuals Jim felt the game looked “pretty stunning”, going on to say “there may be a few blemishes here and there yet it carries that “next-gen” look and sports it well”.

He concluded:

Watch Dogs was probably never going to be the ground-breaking “next-gen” experience many had envisioned back in 2012. It’s hardly run-of-the-mill but at the same time only makes a few genuine attempts to break the mould. However, in these areas – such as the online multiplayer – there are genuine glimmers of innovation worthy of merit, and if you look anywhere else, players will still find an open-world game backed by a unique premise and solid core gameplay.

Ubisoft has certainly upped its game in the past several years, with Watch Dogs being yet another display of both the publisher’s ingenuity and willingness to take risks, all for the benefit of players.

Now it’s over to you. Let us know what you thought of Watch Dogs in the comments below. Remember to give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your WeView down by Sunday evening to be included in next Monday’s verdict article.


  1. The story was good, the gameplay progressed nicely and b by the time you’ve unlocked everything there’s loads of different possibilities open to you. If you want the platinum though, be warned the side missions are a huge chore and get very boring very quickly. There’s just too many of them, 40 of this, 20 of that, another 20 of that. Another word of warning is the drinking games, they’ve made them slightly easier but that doesn’t stop them being extremely pointless and boring and massively lon.. Hours worth of chore all by themselves. In summary, thoroughly enjoyable of just playing through the story but if you want the platinum it gets immensely boring and ruins the whole experience. Sale it.

    • Exactly what Tony said, word for word. Sale it.

    • I was going for the plat, did all the side missions, my god it was excruciating, was half through the drinking games and the developers hit us with the patch to make the drinking game easier, which was grand, continued on and finished the drinking games…..trophy does not pop!! No way am I doing those terrible drinking games again.

      • You sure you finished all 10 rounds of drinking games against all 3 opponents? 30 rounds in total?

      • Yeah im pretty sure, but in saying that the seeds of doubt have been planted, think I need to boot it up and double check.

  2. Not sure how I feel about Watch_Dogs myself, the game looks sharp but lacks details/textures, I guess it’s a sign of an early next-gen title in that respect.

    The story is pretty generic, and peaks in the middle. During the middle is where the best story missions are (with Iraq, imo), but since Aiden was rather dull the story didn’t have me gripped.

    My biggest gripe was by far the huge amount of repetitive side missions, which I think were there to bulk out the game. They even seemed to use the same built-up areas of the map when there were some nice, rarely unused locations such as the small islands and trailer park. It’s a shame when there were some really decent story missions and a fair few varied map locations.

    My other hate was the drinking games, hardest part of the game yet had nothing to do with hacking or the story. Fortunately for others this has been patched.

    The cars don’t look or handle that great, and the hacking gets repetitive, but the gameplay is solid enough. The highlights for me were how well the gun-play was – very solid for a game that isn’t an out-and-out shooter – and the online. I usually hate tacked-on multiplayer but the hacking was actually really good fun, with some genuinely tense moments, when the clock has almost run down and someone is close to finding you. That was a really pleasant surprise for me. It’s also good that you can now hack your friends (as originally promised), which was omitted at release for some reason.

    I’d go for RENT IT as it’s not perfect, but worth a playthrough. Shame Co-op is limited to DLC owners too, when Co-op seems to be becoming very popular in games now (and rightly so).

  3. Dunno where I stand with this game, was it it the hype that made me buy it or was it the fact that something along GTA line was missing on new gen.

    I don’t dislike nor like watch dogs, the problem that stopped me from playing this game was every second when I am walking to a mission, I was interrupted by some crap being robbed or something, the car handling was awful. It felt like the very first Assassin creed, repetitive & a try out for the next game.

    I would recommend it if you looking for something open world that ain’t infamous.

    Bargain bin it

  4. I enjoyed Watch Dogs, although admit I didn’t finish it all. I was really impressed with it’s scale and was a good example of the kind of thing I was expecting from ‘next gen’ games. The only thing I can think of that was disappointing was the soundtrack. Open world games like this need radio stations, and lots of them. The Chicago setting had tons of potential considering it’s deep history of house music and more recently footwork and juke, but unfortunately it was a bland and limited. Hopefully it’s looked at for the innevitable sequel. Buy it.

    • Ah, I forgot all about the disappointing music selection, i disabled most tracks in the audio app. That ‘s something i would also like to see improved in the sequel.

      • My personal interest in the music piqued when I heard a Public Enemy track in a gang den set piece, but all the other tracks quickly faded in to the background.

    • Yeah the soundtrack was just terrible, was more of an after thought.

  5. I’ve only recently bought a PS4, and this was bundled in.
    Not put a great many hours in yet, but I am enjoying it.
    I would say it’s a solid Sale It.

  6. I paid full price for this game and i think it was worth every cent. Yes the visuals don’t measure up to expectations but they still aren’t bad at all and the driving lacks finesse but is quite manageable. Overall though, this game has loads to do and is fun to play, with a great mix of hacking and gun mechanics allowing you to approach most encounters whichever way you please. i had to restart some missions up to a dozen times but never felt frustrated or bored as i could try a different approach each time.
    There are flaws but Watch Dogs is a solid beginning for a promising new series, Buy It.

  7. Avoid it! (PS4 Version)

    I did exactly what Dan did…
    “I fell for the hype (which is something I don’t usually do) and bought the game on release day. However, I suddenly realised that the game didn’t match any of my gameplay expectations I had for it. The hacking felt a little useless, and the game didn’t look great either in my opinion. I quickly traded it in, and haven’t thought about giving it a second chance.”

    In short… The on foot shooting mechanics seemed fine but Driver on the PS1 had better car handling.
    As for the visuals, if I didn’t have a DS4 in my hand I would of thought I was playing the PS3 version.

  8. I’m going to say PLUS IT, if it ever comes to PS+. It wasn’t a bad game but I found it dull. The hacking was a small mini-game add on to something we’ve seen loads of times before in GTA, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row and LA Noire, to name a few. I hardly touched it before sticking it on Ebay.

  9. Although I enjoyed most of the game,as other people have mentioned the side missions are so boring. I probably wouldn’t have bought it on day one but there wasn’t much out at the time. A sale it from me,as it is worth play.

  10. I enjoyed the game and the story, and I played through it pretty fast. Don’t plan on replaying it anytime soon though.

    BUT the best parts in my opinion, was all the “short videos” we saw when hacking – alot pf them were funny, and then the “hack/drug/implant” stuff that started some mini-games – amazing fun! Don’t regret buying it, but I never regret buying video-games (except for Tony Hawks Project 8, which is the only game I’ve ever returned).

    PLUS IT I’d say, people should at least give it a try :)

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