Evolve Is Getting A Huge Expensive Statue For You To Buy

Are you a fan of game-related lumps of tat? I know I am. That’s why I’m enviously glancing in Evolve’s general direction this morning: they’re about to take special limited edition bobbins to an almost ludicrously expensive conclusion for their limited edition statue.

It comes with zero copies of the game, not a single bit of card with a code for DLC printed on it and absolutely no metallised cases to keep your game disc in. It’s just a statue. But it’s a very big, pretty heavy statue.


Weighing in at a chunky 35lbs (that’s almost 16Kg to you modern types), the Evolve: Goliath Premiere Scale Statue is 29 inches tall (almost 74cm) and costs £750. At least this is a limited edition in the real sense of the term though. There will only be 500 of them made.

If that’s not quite limited enough for you then why not book your flights and nip off to New York Comic Con next week, where there’ll be a “Savage Goliath” edition, with a bit of a red stripe on his back. That’s only being made 150 times, is exclusive to NYCC and will set you back $800. Good luck getting it back through the airports too.

Both models are made by Triforce and depict the in-game monster that is available for free to anyone who pre-orders the game. That’s right: This is limited edition statue of a pre-order bonus. It’s like a massive idol to the god of extravagant marketing strategies. I love it.

Source: Gamespot



  1. £750!!!?!?!!?
    It does look nice though.

    • $750, not £. That’s about £470, which is an absolute bargain, obviously.

      • in that case, put me down for two. ^_^

  2. Has the gaming world gone mad? You could buy both current-gen consoles for that price, and probably Evolve on both formats!!

  3. Maybe you should amend the title of this article to something like…
    How to not get a girlfriend & remain single indefinitely for only $750.

  4. What a load of tat.

    • I do wish you’d spell-check your replies first. :-P

  5. Bloody hell. Definitely for people who have more money than sense.

    What’s a “metallised case”?

    • It’s a case that has been metallised. Hope this helps.

      • Not in the slightest you cheeky royster-doyster. I don’t know if it’s a metal case or a case that’s been metallised somehow. Was wondering about the process as most cases are plastic and… well, I’m out of options here so want to know. Tell me, godammit! :D

  6. This will look great next to my Saints Row 4 $1 million dollar pack.

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