Reports Surface Of Choppy Cut Scenes In Alien Isolation

The official Alien Isolation forums are awash with reports of choppy frame rates and screen tearing during the  cinematic sequences in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

“We are aware of a few users experiencing some issues with cut scene playback on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and we are looking into this,” posted the Alien Isolation community manager.


So far the only official advice is to delete the game then re-install it along with the recent patch, although this does not seem to fix the issue.

I spoke to Peter, who reviewed the game for TSA, and he confirms that he did not encounter the problem. Digital Foundry also failed to detect any major problems when they performed analysis of gameplay, but noted “Cut-scenes deserve some exploration as there are clear issues with judder on both consoles.”

SPOILER WARNING: Do not watch the video below unless you have completed mission 4 of the game (or won’t be playing it). 

As you can see from the YouTube video above, juddering is clearly present, pay close attention to when Amanda turns her head as the 13 second mark.

Hopefully a patch is in the works, many users on the official forums have stopped playing until one is released.

Thanks to Homerjnick for the tip.

Source: Alien Isolation Forums



  1. All fine on PC :D.

    Been playing this with the oculus dk2 (following some basic search / xml file changes) and I can confirm pant soilage. Both at the front and back. The sound is a massive part of the fear factor. The Alien sounds big and heavy and chitinous. Genuinely poo inducing. I’ve bought every alien game and finally it seems a good one has came along again. :)

    If anyone in the Manchester area would like to try it let me know. Share the VR man, share it!

    • Except CallofDylan.

      • And comment of the week goes to xIONx.

    • Unfortunately I am on the east coast :(

      Really tempted to buy the dk2 though just for this game.
      Was it easy to set up?

      • The DK2 is easy to set up. It is a developer kit though so be prepared to do a bit of fiddling here and there to get it working. There are some good instructions at RiftArcade as to the xml file you need to edit etc for Aliens though.

        Once the rift itself is set up, inter pupilinary distance, eye to neck distance, chin to eye distance etc then it stores as a named profile.

        One of the peculiar things in the game is the scale of the arms of you, the female protaginist. It is weird, they feel small. But then you realise that you are supposed to be a woman and your arms and hands should be smaller rather than that hound-killing blonde bird in Game of Thrones.

        It is one of the best experiences on the rift to date though. I cant quite understand why they didnt enabled the actual support out of the box, probably shitting themselves for any negative feedback following A:CM and the lasting stigma that the developer is enduring for it…

    • Mega. How did you get hold of that? I’d love to give it a whirl – I’m assuming you mean Manchester, UK?

  2. There was a bit of juddering during the intro on the faster sequences on PS3. I’d assumed this was simply my 720p older flat screen setup & it certainly isn’t game breaking.

    & good call ION; sounds great!

    • You’re in Manchester?

      • Sadly not though I’m surprised you aren’t based in Sheffield with that avatar!

        Oh & I missed an apostrophe – “sound is great.”

  3. Yeah, I’ve had juddering/stuttering in cut scenes on my ps4. Just thought it was because I had it early. Didn’t realise I had it early at first but it’s still doing it. Great game though but needs a patch. I don’t like the save system though. No auto saving is a rubbish idea IMO.

    • Really?, its interesting as i like the save system. I think it adds an extra layer of paranoia and tension to the game which it suits it well

      Im only 6 hours in and playing on normal. Thinking of switching the difficulty up to hard, does anyone one know the difference between the difficulties and if hard is a huge difference?, dont want to bite of more than i can chew but think i should make as difficult as i can handle

      Amazing game, loving it!

      • Am playing it in hard from the off, which is something I don’t normally do. Took an age to get past the 4 humans by elevator!

      • Yeah that was a tough one even on normal!, i managed to lure one out by getting spotted and then clobber them with my wrench, then i somehow managed to creep up the stairs and round the perimeter to the objective.

        Whats the alien AI like on hard?, is it stupidly aware of everything?. Might put it on hard tonight and see what its like

      • Agreed. I started on ‘hard’ and really struggled to sneak past those guys.

        Cutscenes are massively choppy (PS4), but I’m carrying on regardless. Loving the atmosphere, sound effects and retro touches.

        I think the save system suits the game: being able to restart from an auto save would reduce the tension. It’s a relief to find a save station, just like the original Dead Space or Resident Evil.

      • Totally agree on everything including the Save Points, NotSmartEnough, and this is on the PS3. The spacing means you really have to think about whether to press on with limited resources or scuttle back to the relative safety of the Save Point. And the Dead Space comparison is spot on.

        With regards to the Alien’s AI Jones81, I only got as far as a Save Point after first heading into a synthetic area, so have yet to go face to face propertly in the main story mode, however tried the Nostromo DLC & died, repeatedly – perhaps making it to mid-point? (Just after finding the unicorn anyway.) Oh & I ended up clobbering all 4 humans, taking out 2 at a time by luring them downstairs.

        I actually bailed from playing last night & settled for the safety of Lego Star Wars instead! Sadly in my abode, the kids can hear me scream! ;)

      • Actually thats given me a good idea, i could try survivor mode on hard as a test and then play the campaign that way if its not too bad, cheers

  4. Enjoying it so far. Just seen Alien for the first time. Had a glitch where revolvers from all the people I’d killed were floating in mid air, but apart from that, not noticed anything else. I’m not entirely sold on the auto-saving either. Should have made it an option. (I’m having deja vu about this conversation. With Dead Space perhaps?) A new patch needs to put ‘continue game’ as the default option, instead of ‘new game’.

    • Should clarify, just seen Alien for first time in the game! Obviously seen the movie tons of times!

  5. You can imagine my disappointment when I got home from work, kids in bed, turned off the lights, surround sound on and whacked in my copy of Alien Isolation and started up the first video sequence only to see 5 frames per second…

    A quick check on the tinternet reveals the issue is widespread on X1, PS4 and the PC.

    Creative Assembly say on their forums that they are investigating that a “few” users are getting this…few? Like EVERYONE!

    The fact that the game runs perfect in actual gameplay but video, pre-rendered is so bad is very strange and hopefully very fixable.

    The fact that not one reviewer picked this up is also strange. The Digital Foundry article mentions it and promises a follow up.

    Game went back in its box and Diablo 3 ruled for another night until they fix this issue.

    The whole game is about atmosphere and the videos play a big part in that…

  6. Thanks for the post Tuffclub, the DF article does say gameplay is solid in terms of fps etc but mentions that the videos are choppy, I quote the last part of the article:

    “Cut-scenes deserve some exploration as there are clear issues with judder on both consoles.”

    They promise a follow up on performance…

    • Ah didn’t spot that at the bottom, I stupidly assumed that when they said higher up it ran fine, they meant it. Post updated.

  7. Yeah, I’ve been getting this on PS4. It’s pretty annoying and really noticeable. Gameplay is thankfully solid – this issue hasn’t upset me to the point that I refuse to play.

    Update 1.01 does say that it should have improved the juddery cutscenes. If it has then I wouldn’t like to play without the patch.

  8. I watched a couple of streams from the PS4 yesterday had the choppy cut-scenes. Strange that video playback isn’t picked up in development and QA testing.

  9. The copy sent out to reviewers must be different to retail…

  10. I have completed the game on Hard difficulty last night. What a game! Yes the cut – scenes were juddery and I also have noticed a few bugs in the game as well, but hey its SEGA lol I hope they do patch up really soon! Other than that I am loving the game despite of the issues throughout.

    • Yes but you’re the game beating platinum trophy taking gaming cyborg known as crazy del, and i am a mere mortal!

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