Sony Announces PlayStation Experience Event For December

Sony has announced that it is hosting a PlayStation Experience event this December 6th and 7th, taking place in Las Vegas. If you can make it then tickets will cost $50 for one day, while the two day ticket will be $90. At this event attendees will be able to try out the games available for Sony’s systems, attend various developer sessions, and have the chance to walk away with rare memorabilia.

During this event, which almost coincides with PlayStation’s 20th anniversary,  Sony will be revealing information on what we can expect to be playing in 2015, so there may be some big exclusive announcements. Since the majority of us won’t actually be attending we’ll still be able to catch up with most of the event through various streams that Sony will be hosting. Times for those streams have yet to be published but we will bring you all the news as it happens.

Source: PS Blog



  1. So, Uncharted 4 then!

  2. THE LAST GUARDI….*darted in the neck*

  3. Drive clu…..
    oh forget it!(it seems Evolution have?)

    • *golf claps* :-)

    • You beat me to the comment of the day! +1

    • Grow up pleb.

      • Someone’s tired. ..

      • @Mr Blighty, name calling is more the domain of the comments sections of other gaming sites, not really TSA.

  4. Morpheus news and release date?

  5. PS5?????

  6. That seems very expensive to me…..

    • Don’t forget that those quoted prices are in US Dollars. Once Sony convert the price for us Europeans it will be £60 or 60euros.

  7. The Division confirmed as 30fps at 720p to save any debate.
    GTA5 Heists.
    Red Dead 2. Exclusive (timed) to PS4.

    We are playing bingo for this aren’t we?

    • If the division really is 720p30 I doubt i’d be buying.Would be great to see red dead, not so to be timed exclusive. I don’t think ps/rockstar are greatly interested in something like that.

  8. PlayStation 5, 100GB of DDR5 Ram with Two on board Titan Graphics cards capable of 4K output to two 4k TV’s……and still plays PS1 games

  9. How about that new IP with dinosaurs and assassins with snipers ? :D
    A nice cinematic trailer and after that….GAMEPLAY footage.

    And No Man’s Sky.

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