Driveclub Patch 1.03 Released, Compensation Being Considered

Evolution Studios has released patch 1.03 for Driveclub, in an ongoing effort to bring the game to full functionality. There’s still a bit of a way to go before Driveclub can be said to be working 100%, and this patch goes a little towards improving the game experience. However, there are still problems and until those are addressed we likely won’t see the PS Plus Edition of Drivclub being released.

The patch notes are as follows.

  • Implements several game-side fixes to reduce server load.
  • Fixes and Issue that may cause Clubs to become corrupted.
  • Fixes out of memory crashes due to multiple large avatars in the friends’ list.
  • Fixes occasional game-side crashes when uploading large amounts of progress data.

Over the weekend the question of compensation for early adopters has been asked by people who have bought the game, and Paul Rustchynsky responded to one such query over Twitter.

Of course we don’t know if compensation will be offered to purchasers, or what they would entail though probably some extra cars. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to bring you news that the game is working, and the PS Plus edition is up.

Source: VG247/Twitter



  1. I’ve still not been able to connect once since release on Friday. I’m holding off playing it as I’m presuming any fame points won’t be attributed to a club I want to setup, which is a real shame.

    It must be terrible for Evolution, trying to fix an issue like this must be a nightmare.

    Compensation may be an idea, but getting it working quicker would be better. I don’t really want to return the game, as I want it to work but it doesn’t hold much hope.

    We’ll see.

    • You are right. I was able to get in for a few minutes once over the weekend, enough to join my friend’s club but although I started a race with connection, it dropped during the race so the points didn’t get awarded to the club when I finished.

      I agree, it makes me not want to play because I feel I’m wasting so many points that should be helping my club.

  2. The heads of playstation must be kicking off right about now.

  3. I like a lot of you guys are in the position of loving my racing games but wanted to test the PS+ edition before making that jump to ensure the handling feels good.

    As I don’t yet have a racing game on the PS4 I was tempted to upgrade this morning and having a blast before work.. Obviously the problems too are off putting.

    • Can I ask any of you guys that already own it what are your thoughts of the actual racing and driving mechanics?

      • Well I’m no expert with car games but I’d say the handling is a bit more arcadey than sim. Basically I can chuck the cars around corners at reasonably high speeds and more importantly it’s bloody good fun where as GT bored the pants off me.
        Not sure if that helps or not.

      • The handling sits in the middle of sim and arcade. It feels sublime. I’ve had more fun driving cars on this than on any other racing console game.

        It doesn’t beat the likes of rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa in my opinion, but it’s the best handling console racer I’ve ever played.

      • It is a lot of fun to play. The handling is a balance of sim and arcade and, while I normally hate games that aren’t one or the other, this is actually very well done.

        Think of it as sim-like but extremely forgiving. You can get away with the odd bit of late breaking, braking in the corner, or running onto grass/dirt.
        The AI is very aggressive which a lot of people are complaining about but I like it. It’s quite brutal and suits the more arcadey style.

        If I was comparing it to another title, it’d be Project Gotham.

      • I find the handling great, only took me a few laps to get to ‘grips’ with it. And i’m finding little subtleties in the handling the more i play it. So yes, very accessible from the outset and leaves room for you to improve your own driving technique as you progress.

      • @3shirts – one thing in favour of the brutish AI – it feels pretty good when you manage to quickly recover from one of those nasty shunts :)

      • It is fun. More arcade than sim. Although I do I have a few gripes.

        The AI is a nightmare, basically if you are where the computer wants to be it will just push you out of the way. The impact penalties are annoying too, sometimes giving you a penalty for being the victim. The AI seems incapable of passing you without giving a little nudge, which at 120mph + turns into a big problem. But then on the other hand, sometimes a crash that was blatantly your fault gives no penalty. Same with track deviations, sometimes a penalty sometimes not. Rubber banding is annoying too, the cars come from miles back and overtake you like your standing still sometimes.

        The cars that I’ve seen so far are pretty good, but again inconsistent IMO. I’ve stopped reading the car stats. a, It’s nigh on impossible to compare the cars because they just use slide bars. b, The alfa 4c(?) shows faster acceleration than the Maserati yet the Mas beats the alfa off the line!? So a little bit of car knowledge and common sense seems better than the ‘stats’ they supply you. Its almost always better to go with heavier cars so you don’t get beaten to death on track.

        Menus are boring yet fast and easy to navigate. Music is ok. No car customization other than predetermined stickers with adjustable colours. Unlocked maybe half of them. Non are that great. Bored of that now. We need fully customizable paint jobs.

        Like many say, it definitely feels unfinished.
        Having said all that I’m still enjoying it and although I really want to hate it, I don’t?

      • Thanks guys! Really appreciate the comments, I used to love Codemasters GRID which had pretty aggressive AI as well. Think I may pick this up.. as you say recovering from bad incidents, it’s sense of speed and slightly arcade like handling and as DirtyHabit said even with it’s gripes you still can’t not like it.

        Off to work now so if it’s quiet I’ll do a little more research and maybe pick it up off the store as the upgrade later tonight. Thanks for the comments! have a nice afternoon chaps.

      • I thought the weather update was just going to be rain and snow but I’ve just read it will contain thunder and lightning too which I reckon will look pretty damn impressive. This also means I’ll be able to drive along shouting… Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats…. HOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!
        Hmmmmm…. Sometimes I forget how old I am.

      • Lightening could be cool. One thing this game does have is good graphics. I normally hate snow levels in games, but it looks great in DC.

      • Another bit of info Kitt, it downloads 2.7gb before you can start playing – this took about an hour and twenty mins on my connection – and initially you have access to just one or two tracks and cars, with the rest downloading bit by bit in the background. But each time i had completed a timetrial or two, there was another track and car waiting for me to try. Just don’t expect to be able to jump into Tour mode straight away.

      • Honestly, I’m a huge fan of racing games.
        I was realy waiting for Driveclub and bought it on day one.
        But the game is absolutely nothing special.

        Bad A.I. and rubberbanding is the most present flaw.
        Cars just drive through you, like this is a Destruction Derby. you are constantly punished for crashes that are not your fault at all.
        If you have a Hennesey and are going about 350+km/h, another car will just catch up like it is the easiest thing in the world. you can’t blink a single second, no matter how good you are.
        Plus, the game is just another GRID game or so. Arcacde play/game with nice graphics.
        I finished the single player mode in 3 days and now, there’s nothing else to do, specially because well, there’s basically no Multiplayer yet.

      • Good to hear that the career is do-able to completion.
        I don’t know why but I feel some compassion for the guys at Evolution with such a heavy burden on their shoulders trying to release a Flagship jobbie.
        I think that they should be given some breathing space and time to organise, let’s face it they’ve been very transparent with the negative development issues so far.
        It’s not an ideal situation but maybe we should give them a chance to release the final product…albeit a tad later.

        Don’t even have a PS4 yet but have tried DriveClub!

  4. Last paragraph “we don’t…….(know?)” i’m guessing.

    • 10 points to Gryffindor.

      • Second bullet point “Fixes And Issues” – Fixes any issues? Unless it is actually implementing new issues, which I wouldn’t put past them!

  5. Just fired up the game and unable to connect to servers!

  6. “Well I’m no expert with car games but I’d say the handling is a bit more arcadey than sim. ”
    so roughly translated Dave will use YOU or a wall to get round corners at break neck speed without touching the brakes?
    i so need to get this and get in your club Dave..

    • Seriously, WW, I’ve watched some folk racing online and the “mobile ricochet-wall” that is the other driver’s car is disgraceful! Haha. It looked more like Destruction Derby Club than DriveClub.

      I really hope this doesn’t happen too much. Funny as it is to watch.

      • that video is hilarious.
        the poor dude in the white car was being deadly serious trying to follow the racing lines where as the lot were absolute loonies.

      • You may have a point there. So far I’ve managed to put off racing people online.

    • We should contact Evolution to make us our very own patch that deducts points for breaking.

  7. I just don’t understand this issue, if they had released it to ALL PS+ members then I can understand a server issue but they haven’t even got that far yet, its only early adopters of the game that are hitting the servers and even then it can’t cope…what is it going to be like when PS+ members get the game?

    How can they have understimated so much the server capacity required????

    • Nothing to do with server capacity (after reading Evolution’s tweets). They can throw oodles of server “power” at it but it’s the code that has the bugs and it’s this that they’re struggling with, sadly.

      Just as a mention. :-)

      • Really? I thought it was just server connection issues?

  8. Got bored waiting for it to be fixed, so dropped some coin on the Forza Horizon 2 bundle. If Forza can’t get it right we’re all doomed…..(I think we’ll be fine).

  9. Played about 4 online races earlier, matchmaking is smoother and had no problems once I actually got in a game. Plenty of dirty driving though.

    • Dirty driving indeed, I got an opportunity to play online today and there were a few numbnuts just bashing into everyone, then a few yards from the end three cars ground to a halt sideways as if to block the finish line. :/

    • Wow sounds like something out of GTA! Hopefully once people get used to the tracks it’ll be better.

      When you do get a clean pass on someone, it feels so damn good. So satisfying. I was doing a BAC Mono race in Norway and got taken out early on and put in last place. Managed to claw my way back and overtake the 2 that took me out metres from the finishing line. Felt so epic.

  10. A long way to go it seems. Fired the game up over the weekend and its enjoyable enough but I decided to stop playing until the game is fixed. Given everything you do works towards your Club, I feel like my progress is being wasted at the moment as I have connected into their servers for all of 5 minutes all weekend.

    • Points and accolades are “stored” & upload to your club (if or when you get a connection).

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