WeView Verdict: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect didn’t attract a lot of attention for this week’s WeView, so this article may be a little short. Nevertheless, those that did comment thoroughly enjoyed the game.

JustTaylorNow enjoyed Murdered Soul Suspect despite there being a few issues. The controls were “a bit clunky”, and reminded them of Thief’s gameplay, which was also a bit tiresome to control too. The visuals weren’t “really next gen” either, which they “expected for a game on all console platforms”.

With a “story was well told & interesting enough”, Gatzee, was fond of the game. Although “there isn’t much replay value” they “thought there was more than enough to build on for a follow up”, also adding they were “very disappointed when the studio closed”.

Lastly we have Sitorium who provided a little more detail about Murdered: Soul Suspect.

I have really enjoyed the way the story has been told and all the other spirits you get to interact with and discover their story along the way. It has more in common with a point n click adventure than other genre so I’d say if you like a story and a really stilted experience then it’d be right up your street. If you’re looking for puzzles beyond find the bits and work out the clues from chatting/spying on people – you may be left wanting.

Overall Murdered: Soul Suspect received two Buy It votes, and a single Bargain Bin It vote. So it seems it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for something different, but only at the right price. We’ll be taking a look down the scope at Sniper Elite 3 for WeView tomorrow.



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