Play As A Slice Of Bread In Bossa Studio’s New Game

Right. Really? This is an actual thing? I mean, Surgeon Simulator seems a vaguely sensible concept, as does simulating a goat, but playing as a slice of bread? Really?


The game is “the beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted,” according to Bossa.

Look, I don’t want any toast, and he doesn’t want any toast. In fact, no one around here wants any toast. Not now, not ever. No toast. Or muffins. Or muffins. We don’t like muffins around here. We want no muffins, no toast, no teacakes, no buns, baps, baguettes or bagels, no croissants, no crumpets, no pancakes, no potato cakes and no hot-cross buns and definitely no smegging flapjacks.

Source: YouTube



  1. It better not be half-baked or it’ll end up the butty of many jokes.

    • Ah, now that i can actually watch the video it does look completely bonkers – who would’ve thought ! :)

  2. Kinda reminds me of Octodad. In that annoyingly hard to control way.

  3. That looks brilliant!

  4. “CRUMBS” I’ve seen it all now!
    I bet after a while the gameplay could get a bit “STALE”
    If this is cross buy we can get “THE BEST OF BOTH” worlds.
    I wonder how much “DOUGH” this is going to cost?

    • I’ll get my coat!

      • Now, now, there’s no ‘KNEAD’ for that. Ba dum tss :)

      • Everyone stop with these crusty jokes, please

  5. This reminds me a lot of the crazy ads in the Ren & Stimpy cartoon!

  6. Cool, liking this one. Sort of like Pain (get it, French, pain?)

  7. Love the Red Dwarf reference!

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