Podcast: Episode 158 – Mini Metro, Alien: Isolation and Shadow of Mordor

Rejoice, Lewis has returned for this week’s podcast! It’s not all good news though, as somehow the fates conspired to keep Peter stuck in traffic and unable to podcast. Hopefully we’ll manage to get all four of us together at some point soon.

While there’s no quiz on this week’s episode, we did address the one listener question we received (you can end us more below), as well as attempting to do a news section, although this quickly devolved into weirdness. However, as usual, the majority of the podcast is taken up by what we’ve been doing.

Lewis gives us his AAA gaming opinions this week, talking about Shadows of Mordor and Alien: Isolation. His opinions on Shadows of Mordor run somewhat against the general opinion on the game, so if you’d like to see an alternative take on the title then listen in.

Next up is Kev, who’s been playing iOS title Bicolour, which I downloaded during the podcast so I could give some instant reaction. I also gave my opinions on Mini Metro, even if they did bore Kev somewhat.

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  1. Interested to hear more about mini metro. Will listen tomorrow while the baby has his afternoon nap! Fingers crossed!

  2. Lewis is back hurray ! :D

    WHAT?! Kris! You told (or whoever is using the TSAPodcast account on twitter) that my twitter hello from Thursday will be saved for the Friday recording session ><! I feel lied to…"@GermanosPL tomorrow. We'll store your hello though :) – TSAPodcast (@TSAPodcast)"

    Ha! Now this is something new to be honest. I've recently heard a Polish podcast that I also regular listen to and people there were just mind blown by it. OK, maybe not mind blown, but they very liked it and said fantastic things about it. Especially the nemesis system. I was ready to buy it, but now I will wait for it to get cheaper. I never buy new games, because there price is awfully over the top, but I wanted to make an exception for Shadow of Mordor. oh well, back to searching for cheap Driveclub from people to frustrated about the online issue to wait for them to work and selling their copies for nothing :P
    I like Lord of The Rings, mainly because of the beauty of the world that JRRT created. Like an elf castle on a cliff, with mystical creatures flying over the place etc. If that is missing from this game then I'm not that much interested.

    Ow, what a depressing thing to say about the Driveclub PS+ version: "never". I feel really sad now…

    Well, if they would make a game about maintenance of the Warsaw metro, it would be the shortest game ever :P

    I stopped watching TWD after or in the middle of season 3 I think. I think I just don't get the modern TV series.

    Get him a Nintendo WiiU or even a cheap Wii – should be the first answer :)

    Well the ending tune was…special….

    Is it just me or are the podcasts getting shorter?

  3. From what I could hear “the drop” didn’t actually drop either. There was a snare fill but the kick didn’t come. As such I have commented in a random place near the end.

    I think the Soundboard needs to atone for the sins with a selection of drops that can be played before features and generally just while people are talking.

    I shall create a drop for you.

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