News Snatch: Destiny, Stealth Inc 2 And Dragon Age Inquisition

Right then, more news and videos scraped from the floor of TSA Towers starting with a second “Making of” for Stealth Inc. 2, if you missed the first one then you can find it here.


The Hitman movie, starring Rupert Friend as Agent 47, has had its release date moved from February 27th to August 28th 2015.

Rumour has it that these trackies are protected by a special chemical that repels Mountain Dew and Doritos dust.

Fancy some Destiny themed tones for your mobile? Well you are in luck as a chap on Reddit, the fabulously named RandyDelorean, has made some especially for you.

The packs include the Destiny theme song, a Vault Engram tone, a Postmaster message collection tone and lots of other bleeps and whirs. You can download the iPhone format tones here and the Android format tones here

An hour long gameplay video for Civilization: Beyond Earth.

The Doctor And The Dalek is a kiddy freindly web based puzzle game which teaches the basics of computer coding. If you have younglings, click this link to play the game which features Peter Capaldi and his eyebrows.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is almost upon us and this video will help you to choose your Inquistor. Annoyingly, “Spanish” is not an option.

The actually-quite-good full length fan film, Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, will not be getting a sequel even though it was about to be funded by an Indiegogo campaign. Konami gave their blessing for the first movie but seem to have withdrawn support for the sequel.

Footage of Far Cry 4 in co-op mode.

Saints Row: The Cooler, a Kinect and PlayStation Move fighting game, was 60% complete before THQ cancelled the project. You would have played as a bouncer “working their way up from the slums to higher class joints.”

And Finally, Destiny goes 8-bit.



  1. Love that 8 bit destiny. Brilliant work whoever made that!

  2. Aww, that Destiny video is both funny and cute!

  3. The Destiny video is brilliant and really funny. Was in a fit of laughter at the last bit.

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