Shave Your Beard To Get An Assassin’s Creed Prussian Waistcoat

Ubisoft have teamed up with butch and manly shaving foam brand Edge to offer additional downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed Unity. Whether it’s work, play or a little bit of both, Edge Shave Gel helps you prepare for what’s ahead, including an afternoon of murder and scampering around the Parisian roof tops.


The cans, which are only available in the United States, have a code on the back which can be redeemed via a website for extra in game goodies. A poster on Reddit did just that and gained the following items:


Brand owners Gillette do not appear to have a similar offer for lady gamers, probably because gaming is butch and manly like shaving and chopping logs.
Source: Reddit



  1. What’s to stop you taking a photo of the code?

    • A hidden blade in the back of the neck by a member of the creed.

  2. you know, after the furore about no female characters in the game, i’d have thought they’d be wary of such a male centric promotion like this.

    but i guess gilette offered them plenty of money for the deal.

    honestly though, i’d be more annoyed that it doesn’t seem like you’d be able to get the content outside the US.

    if of course it was content that looked interesting.
    which it doesn’t, not to me anyway.

  3. Off to Florida next week so I’m in luck if it works in uk store that is

  4. They should have told women gamers to shave their legs. Imagine the outcry. Silly promotion either way.

  5. Oh Ubisoft. They must be doing this on purpose now, surely?!?

  6. Butch and manly like shaving? I think you’ll find that beards are much more manly

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