Driveclub Update: The “Majority” Of Racers Can Now Get Online

Driveclub is slowly limping towards full functionality and the latest news is that statistics and accolades are updating “efficiently” and that most gamers can now get online. A server update has also optimised matchmaking and a new patch for the game will be released later this week.

Here is the full statement from Evolution.

We know we have been quiet over the last few days which was because we wanted to offer you news when it has a meaningful impact on your experience of DRIVECLUB. The feedback you offered has been invaluable to the team because it’s informed our updates to iron out the major issues affecting you as quickly as possible.

Our diagnostics show the majority of you are now able to get online and racing. This increased stability has meant that statistics and accolades are updating efficiently now, so hopefully you have been having fun boosting your fame and watching how you compare to your friends and other racers around the world.

Today we also released a server update to optimise multiplayer matchmaking so you will now be matched with more suitable players based on the type of internet connection you have, which means matchmaking should be more reliable. This update will also fix some bugs we had with clubs where some players couldn’t join or leave a club.

Improvements continue to be made to the servers and our next significant game update will be released this week. This will boost connectivity and provide a better overall experience.

Thanks for your support and we will provide more news as soon as we have it.

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  1. I was racing yesterday evening and I still keep getting ‘Face-offs’ where the average speed of the competitor has been around 2,000mph and once I had one at >10,000mph. Does anyone else get this? Is it a bug / hack / rocketship unlocked at Fame level 50?

    • It’s where the game gets confused between a speed and a drift score apparently, so it shows a drift score as a speed challenge. Little bit stupid.

      • Ah ok, guess that will be sorted in the next update. Cheers for the heads up.

  2. Great news that it’s just about fixed. Haven’t played it for over a week due to having an op in hospital so looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

  3. Is this this generations Warhawk? Great game but without the credit it deserves because of a godawful cock-up by Sony?
    How they allowed this to happen I’ll never know, especially considering this isn’t their first time. It’s simpy atrocious and an unacceptable failure on their part. Especially for a game where they put so much emphasis on online/social features.

    • The main problems haven’t been the servers at all but the code for the network of players on the servers. That’s Evolution’s own tech department that deal with network, etc.

      What amazes me is that the didn’t find some game-breaking problem that simply needed rectifying. They’ve been drip-feeding improvements (and numbers) online which makes me think they might not really know what caused the damn thing in the first place.

      I really, REALLY hope we get to find out what eventually happened.

      • Eh? I Don’t recall stating it was due to servers in my post?
        Evolution is 1st party if I recall correctly? Thus ultimately Evolution = Sony (as in Sony would have had to give the green light to launch the game, shoddy network code and all)
        You’de also have thought this would have been picked up by a simple beta.

        So in my view the parent company is responsible for their first party studios and the products they create/release.

  4. Managed to get online most attempts yesterday but my club wasn’t showing up all day so i didn’t have access to the cars unlocked by club progress.

    Hoping they get it up and running properly soon.

  5. I’ve been able to get online okay but i would like to see the challenges enabled.

  6. “majority of you are now able to get online” – Now there’s an interestingly vague statement. The majority of who, those who were online when you ran the test? The entire base of customers who own the product? Who exactly? Be specific else it’s just a waste of my time, your time and everyone’s time, unless you think your audience is gullible enough to swallow your unqualified waffle.

  7. Almost fixed .. weather should be coming next

  8. Well I have been enjoying full connectivity for at least 48 hours with weather….. on Forza Horizon 2!!!!!! I can’t believe I cut my nose of to spite my face for so long and held off buying an xbox one. Drive club just can’t compete with Horizon on handling, fun and sound track, I really wanted it to be great but for me it’s just a let down.

  9. There we’re quite a few pre-owned copies in both my local Game shops today.

    In the last 60min i’ve been dumped out of the lobby straight after selecting a car 9 times in a row. Managed 1 race and some git spun me out on purpose.

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