[Update] PS Blog Shows Uncharted 3 On PlayStation 4

The EU PS Blog has rather indiscreetly posted a picture of what appears to be Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 running on PlayStation 4.

The picture is part of a post detailing the new PS4 YouTube app and shows a snow bound mountain ledge which appears to be a screen from the game. To add to the mystery the filename clearly begins with “Uncharted 3” and the tags also include “Uncharted3”.


We can think of two possible explantions, perhaps Uncharted 3 is getting spruced up and coming to PS4, Naughty Dog have discussed the idea in the past saying “I think it would be a great way to introduce – I wouldn’t say a new generation – but to expand the people that are bound to know Uncharted.”

Alternatively, a rather less excitingly, the image is captured from a PlayStation Now stream and it’s the original game running on Sony’s forthcoming streaming service.

UPDATE: Gossip on Twitter suggests you can not record from PS Now, which means Uncharted 3 must have been running on the PS4. That, or Sony are massive trolls and spend far too much time on Photoshop.

UPDATE 2: The image appears for from Uncharted 2, not Uncharted 3. Photoshop shenanigans may be afoot!

UPDATE 3: The picture has now vanished from the EU blog, we’ve poked Sony to try and find out what is going on.

Source: EU Blog



  1. Wouldn’t be too bothered if we didn’t see the trilogy come to PS4 but at the same time it really would be a no-brainer for Sony.

    Put a smaller studio on the remaster and launch in the months prior to UC4 to whip up interest and introduce 360 immigrants to the franchise.

    • Indeed, its pretty much a license to print money considering how many Xbox owners have swapped sides this gen.

    • Ha! Immigrants :)

    • Get Bluepoint on the job.

  2. Just throwing this out there.

    Could this be someone who has rented via PSNOW using US account then posting on EU blog???

    • Nope, people have tried to do the share button on PSNOW and said it didnt work. And thats great news! This is either photoshop (likely) or its actually real :)

  3. Definitely something amiss here. Doesn’t quite make sense but sure someone will come out and clarify. Doubt I would pick up the games again, despite them all being fantastic. Guess it depends on what’s out at the same time and holding my interest.

  4. The Nathan Drake Collection? Would likely sell well and wouldn’t cost too much for development.

  5. Of course, it could just be a mock-up that Sony did when they were doing the initial layout design. Though why the blog wold use that rather than a real image, I don’t know.

  6. Instead of putting a small dev team on remaking a PS3 game (or the set of games), why not put them to good use in developing and testing PS4 firmware updates? Oh, sorry. I know the answer. The former would bring in a pile more money.

  7. Real or not, I hope they do bring the Uncharted games to PS4 with upgraded visuals.

    A surprise pre-christmas release would be nice.

  8. They’ve edited the blog post now and the picture if no longer there.

  9. I would re-buy the trilogy if they were remastered for PS4. Some of my favourite games ever, and definitely my favourite genre.

  10. Could it had just been uncharted 3 on YouTube and been playing on the YouTube app on ps4?
    Either way I’m not sure if Id get the trilogy on ps4 but I think it’d be a good idea to do one for the 360 players.

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