Evolve’s Big Alpha Test Delayed On PS4 Due To Issues With Firmware 2.0

Those of you who were looking to participate in Evolve’s Big Alpha on PS4 from today will have to wait longer, after 2K confirmed that it has been delayed because of the recent firmware 2.0 update for the console. What those issues are weren’t fully disclosed but it appears there is some conflict between the game’s files and the firmware files. 2K are looking into solving the issue with Sony, but have yet to offer a time for when the Evolve alpha is expected to go live on the PS4.

We have some unfortunate news to share with folks planning to participate in the Big Alpha test on PlayStation 4. Following the recent PS4 2.0 firmware update, we are experiencing issues with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4. As a result the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed.

If you’re on PC or Xbox One then you can access the alpha test as long as you got a participation code.

Source: Evolve Official Site



  1. ooohh thats why i cant play the damn thing.
    i just get a message saying y2k servers are full.

  2. And i was bloody well looking forward to a go on that this evening too.


  3. Got my X1 code, but every time I try to redeem it, it says ‘oops, something went wrong, try again later’. Anybody else had this? I had/have no plans to get evolve but I would have liked to try it anyway just in case I like it.

  4. Has anyone been experiencing increased PSN wobblers since the firmware 2.0? It seems the whats new section and various other things dont seem to load quite regularly since this update.

    • Not noticed any problems with the social stuff, but my console won’t shut down properly anymore. I just get a constant blinking orange light until I have to turn it off at the wall.

      I’ll not be happy if it ends up bricking itself right after the warranty has ended.

      • I’ve been experiencing something similar,when i put the console in rest mode and go to switch on by the ds4 it won’t work also to switch on i have to keep my finger on the power button for 10 seconds so it’ll start back up again.Then it starts rebuilding the database but on other times it’ll work no problem.As a result i’ve lost some save files for games,i wonder how many others have the same problem?

      • This is a known issue which loads of people (incl. me) are having. It’s a pain because it’s forcing me to shut down each time I finish playing, which means my controller is not charging and updates are not installing. Hopefully gets fixed soon.

      • Same things happening to me, im pretty furious about it and will be exceedingly pissed off if i lose any game files. Sony are really taking the piss with the quality of psn lately…and now this.

        If this kind of thing continues and psn doesn’t get sorted i may consider switching to an xbox. Hopefully things will get better though. Im going to file a complaint with sony, i think everybody should do that to let them know we’re not happy with the psn

      • Ok my ps4 has just started doing this this morning. When I put the ps4 in rest mode it does so as per norm but I have noticed while its in rest mode the orange light is flashing, it was never like that before 2.0. Then when I turn the ps4 on by the ds4 it won’t work either does holding the power button on the ps4. I have to pull the plug out and put it back in for the ps4 to turn on!

    • Its now happening to me when i turn it on after its been completely off, also getting a loud buzzing sound from my connected usb/optical out connected astro headset, have to turn it off and on again to stop the buzzing. Sort it the fuck out sony!

  5. It will be interesting to see how quickly this can be fixed, presumably we’ll see a firmware patch soon.

  6. Problems with 2.00 never

  7. That was supposed to be my Friday night! Hope it’s on tomorrow.

  8. I was actually quite relieved this was delayed, I’m working all weekend and wouldn’t have been able to play it!

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